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Las Vegas Defective Gun Case Lawsuit

Guns can be incredibly dangerous. When not in use, every gun should be properly secured in a storage case or a gun safe. No one, especially young children, should be able to get unauthorized access to a gun. Unfortunately, sometimes gun owners fail to properly store their firearms. In other cases, gun owners do their part, but the storage case itself proves to be defective. This can cause serious injuries or even death. All negligent parties should be held liable for the damage caused by their actions. If you or a family member was injured by a gun, and you believe a defective gun storage case may have played a role, please contact an experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Gun Owner Storage Responsibilities

Gun owners need to take extreme care when it comes to their firearms. Gun owners may be held liable if their lack of care leads to another person’s injury. For example, under Nevada law liability may be imposed on a child’s guardian if that child gets access to a firearm and commits a negligent act with the firearm. However, liability can be avoided under the statute if the gun is stored in:

  • A securely locked container; or
  • In a location that a reasonable person would have believed to be secure.

The bottom line is that gun owners have a responsibility to secure their firearms. The failure to do so could lead to serious injuries and negligent gun owners can be held liable for those injuries. All gun owners must make a good faith effort to properly secure their weapon. For example, if a gun owner knows that their storage case has a broken lock, they should not keep their gun in the case. The gun needs to be actually secured or the gun owner must have a reasonable belief that the gun is secured. Otherwise, there may be liability in the event that an accident occurs. Unfortunately, in some cases, gun owners do everything right but the gun storage case or gun safe itself is the problem. If an injury occurs after someone got access to the gun because of a faulty gun case, the manufacturing company can be held liable.

Holding a Company Liable for a Defective Gun Storage Case or Gun Safe

In Nevada, all companies that manufacture products have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products are free from unreasonable safety hazards. Gun owners put a lot faith in the manufacturers of gun storage cases. Responsible gun owners understand how dangerous their firearm can be, and they purchase gun cases in order to protect others. If the storage case or gun safe proves to be defective, the manufacturing company needs to be held liable for any resulting injuries. This can be done through bringing a products liability claim against any negligent companies. Generally, these type of claims fit into one of three categories:

  • Manufacturing Defect: A gun storage case has a manufacturing defect if the specific unit that was purchased is materially different than the approved product design. In other words, you got sold a broken product. The company has a legal responsibility to ensure that you and your family are not put at risk from defective products.
  • Design Defect: A gun storage case with a design defect is slightly different. In these type of claims, your individual unit will not be broken; instead the entire line of products will be flawed. Essentially, this means that the design was inherently faulty and that the whole line of gun storage products should never have been on the market in the first place.
  • Labelling Defect: Finally, you may also be able to hold a gun storage case company liable for a labelling defect. For example, if a company marketed a product as a secure gun storage case, and you purchased it for that purpose, but it was never really intended to be used that way, they can be held liable. They put you at risk by creating false expectations. Companies have a legal responsibility to correctly market their products and to warn customers about any foreseeable safety risks.

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