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texting and driving distracted

Las Vegas Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Our fast-paced society has prompted many motorists to multitask while driving in Nevada and throughout the country. Instead of focusing on the road, drivers often eat in the car, talk on their cell phones and send text messages. The rise in distracted driving has caused a spike in preventable car accidents. Consider starting your claim now: 702-252-0055.

If your loved one or yourself was recently the victim of this type of accident, act quickly to secure help from a highly skilled Las Vegas car crash attorney. The right personal injury attorney will know the right steps to take in uncovering all possible sources of liability, while demonstrating to insurance providers the extent of damages you or your loved one endured.

At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, attorney Ramzy Ladah has the needed experience & skills to research & find proof of fault, even when it’s unclear who was at fault in the beginning. Mr. Ladah was an was a lawyer for the insurance defense before deciding to focus only on the victims of accidents rights. He knows how to overcome low-ball insurance offers in pursuit of a full recovery for you and your family. For experienced legal counsel, contact the firm today to schedule that first consultation (it’s free!).

How Common are Distracted Driving Accidents?

Sadly, distracted driving is far more common than many people realize. It is not an overstatement to call distracted driving an epidemic on our nation’s highways. According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1,000 people are injured in distracted driving accidents in the United States on a daily basis. Many of these injuries are truly devastating, even permanent. Tragically, on top of the injuries, the CDC reports that an average of 9 Americans are killed each day in distracted driving crashes. Nevada is certainly not exempt from the nationwide trends. The Nevada Department of Public Safety has found that there are more than 3,500 distraction-related crashes reported in Nevada each year. Notably, the Department of Public Safety cautions that the true number of distracted driving crashes is probably significantly higher, as many of the state’s accidents are recorded as having ‘unknown’ causes.

Why is Distracted Driving So Dangerous?

To operate a vehicle safely, a driver should always have their full attention on the road. Relatively minor distractions can create an extremely dangerous situation. Drivers must keep their eyes, ears, hands, and mind focused on the task of operating their vehicle. There is virtually an endless number of potential distractions that could tempt a driver to take their attention off of the road. Broadly speaking, these distractions all fit into three categories:

  • Visual Distractions: This includes all things that could take a driver’s eyes off of the road.
  • Manual Distractions: This includes all things that could take driver’s hands (or hand) off of the steering wheel.
  • Cognitive Distractions: This includes all things that could interrupt a driver’s mental focus and concentration.
    • Certain distractions, such as cell phone use and texting while driving, will affect a driver in each of these three categories. That makes these distractions especially dangerous. According to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the risk of an accident doubles if a driver takes their eyes off of the road for more than two seconds at a time. That risk only compounds further if the driver’s hands or mind are affected by the distraction at the same time.

      Texting While Driving is a Serious Public Safety Threat

      While many different types of distractions are dangerous, perhaps none is more concerning than is texting while driving. Not only is this one of the most risky forms of distracted driving, it is also one of the most common. The Nevada Department of Transportation reports that using a handheld device while driving makes a crash 23 times more likely to occur. That is a downright alarming figure. Repeated texting while driving carries risk that is comparable to highly intoxicated driving. Traffic safety researchers from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) have found that texting while operating a vehicle destroys a driver’s ability to keep focus on the road, leading to dramatically worse results, including:

      • Increased driving errors;
      • Decreased reaction time;
      • Random uncontrolled swerving; and
      • Accidental accelerations.

      How to Prove Liability in a Distracted Driving Accidents

      Under Nevada law (NRS 41.141), auto accident victims can recover compensation for their injuries from another party if they can prove that their crash was caused by that party’s negligent conduct. Distracted driving is a clear example of negligence. However, this does not mean that distracted driving accident claims are easy. Indeed, it can often be quite the opposite. In many cases, it is difficult for injured victims to prove that their wreck was actually caused by another motorist’s distracted driving. For this reason, comprehensive investigation becomes incredibly important in distracted driving accident cases. You need a skilled Las Vegas car accident lawyer by your side.

      Why Ladah Law Firm Can Help You Prove Accident Liability

      When you hire Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, one of our top-rated personal injury attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of your crash to determine if distracted driving or any other type of negligence caused your accident. We will work aggressively to gather and assemble all evidence related to your crash, in order to build a strong legal case on your behalf. This includes:

      • Evaluating police reports;
      • Meeting with any available eyewitnesses to understand possible liability factors.
      • Working with industry-leading crash experts to evaluate the wreckage;
      • Obtaining cell phone records; and
      • Assessing all relevant videos and photographs of the crash.

      Attorney Ramzy Ladah is committed to conducting a thorough investigation focused on uncovering all possible sources of liability. As Nevada is a comparative negligence state, more than one party may be at fault for your crash. In these cases, attorney Ramzy Ladah will not hesitate to hold them both accountable in pursuit of additional sources of recovery for you and your family. No matter the specific facts of your case, our Las Vegas attorneys have the skills and experience required to assist you. We have handled claims involving a wide variety of different types of distracted driving, including:

      • Drunk driving
      • Drug use while driving;
      • Texting while driving
      • Talking on cell phones
      • Eating while driving
      • Using handheld devices while driving;
      • Inputting GPS directions;
      • Posting on social media;
      • Watching videos;
      • Using an infotainment center;
      • Disciplining children while driving

      Compensation Available to Distracted Driving Accident Victims

      seeking legal help
      Our Nevada car accident attorneys are committed to doing everything we can to ensure you and your family recover a full settlement for any damages associated with the personal injury accident. Under state law, distracted driving accident victims have a legal right to be made ‘whole’. In legal parlance, being made ‘whole’ means that victim is entitled to recover money that is equal in value to the value of their losses. Unfortunately, insurance companies never make it easy for injured people to recover full and fair compensation for their losses. This is where we can help. Our law firm has the experience needed to hold negligent distracted drivers and their insurance providers accountable under the law. We can help you seek money for:

      • Emergency room fees;
      • Medical expenses;
      • Physical therapy;
      • Lost wages;
      • Diminished earning power;
      • Long-term disability;
      • Pain and suffering;
      • Disfigurement; and
      • Wrongful death damages.

      Contact Our Vegas Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys Today

      At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, our top-rated Las Vegas auto accident lawyers have extensive experience handling distracted driving accident cases. If you were injured in a crash with a distracted driver, we can help you fight for the full and fair financial compensation that you are rightfully owed under the law.

      After a collision with a distracted driver, entrust Ladah Law Firm to secure your legal rights. Our quick actions can help you obtain the deserved & needed compensation to help you with your medical needs. Contact our law firm today 702-252-0055 to schedule a free initial consultation .

      How to Avoid Distracted Driving (Expert Opinions)

      At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to promoting safer roads in Southern Nevada. We want to reduce distracted driving on our highways. This is an important goal, as reduced distracted driving will save lives. In order to understand how to avoid distraction accidents, we believe you first need to understand the root of the problem. To get a better understanding of this, we reached out to some of the top driving schools & instructors in the state to get their expert opinions on the matter.

      We ended up with some great information & thoughts on distracted driving & safe driving from some local experts. One of which was Scott Mann! Scott is the National Instructor Trainer for the Porsche Club of America, Zone 8 Chief Driving Instructor for the PCA, Las Vegas PCA Chief Driving Instructor for the PCA, Professional coach for pro level and amateur level drivers and owner of Renegade Hybrids in Vegas.

      Here’s what Scott had to say:

      “If you knew you were about to be punched, what would you do? You would tighten up your body, heighten your awareness to an incoming fist, focus intently on your opposing subject, and take a deep breath.  Right?  

      Imagine standing at-the-ready for minutes, and even hours at a time, waiting for someone to take a swing. Your mind and body would quickly become exhausted; Fear and paranoia would overcome confidence; And just the mere simple life-sustaining process of oxygen delivery to your brain, would suffer.
      looking ahead on the road
      Many drivers complain of fatigue after piloting a car, especially in adverse situations.  The fear of impact creates a metaphysical reaction similar to that of an individual waiting to take a punch.

      There are easy and effective tricks that can reduce your driving fatigue, and save your life.  You may even incorporate these tips into your daily routine…Breathe!!!”

      Scott Also said this about how technology is affecting & distracting drivers:

      “Technology has become so personal that it’s our electronic caffeine. Since we have all attempted to negotiate a hot cup of coffee while driving a car, this is a pretty good analogy. Just like our phone, we like that coffee; we want that coffee; we need that caffeine!  It’s that wonderful little endorphin release we get each time we glance at the screen.

      Yes, it goes without saying how unsafe, and illegal, our not-so-smart-phone-users are when they take their eyes off the road.

      BUT… Let’s face it, there are multiple distractions that take our eyes off the road ahead several times a minute.

      The key here has everything to do with your eyes and where you look when you ARE focused forward. I’ll give you a hint, the bumper on the car in front of you is not a good reference point.

      • The car goes where you look
      • You can only drive as fast as you can think
      • The hands follow the eyes
      • The future is more important than the past
      • The future is closer than you think

      In other words, the further you look past the car in front of you, the more time you’ll have to react.”

      We also got the following answers to our questions from Michael Magney from PACE Coalition

      What distractions are most commonly seen with teens while learning driving skills?
      using phone while driving
      Most common distractions while learning to drive are lack of familiarity with the location of vehicle controls and adjustments before putting the vehicle in motion. New drivers should practice operating brakes, turn signals, pedals, shift levers, etc. until they are able to do so without having to look for or think about using them. Passengers, especially other youth, increase the risk of distraction and accidents among teen drivers. One youthful passenger doubles the risk that a teen or novice driver will have an accident. Because many young adults and teens believe they are capable of multitasking while using cell phones and other electronic devices, they put themselves and others at risk by trying to use cell phones for texting or talking while driving. Distracted driving, especially with cell phones, has surpassed alcohol as the leading preventable factor involved in teen driving fatalities. Distracted driving can also mean eating behind the wheel, shaving, or putting on makeup and more. Anything that takes a drivers attention from vehicle operation, such as preoccupation with some personal issue, can serve as a distraction.

      What corrective actions are most successful to eliminate (or help drivers eliminate) the worst distractions?
      For new drivers, even hands-free communication devices should be avoided for at least 6 months. (This is a personal opinion of mine.) Use of any handheld electronic device while driving should be illegal and enforced. Driver education courses are helpful. States with a stepped or graduated learning period have seen reductions in the number of teen accidents. A stepped process takes a novice through separate periods of driving with an adult, driving alone or with an adult, driving with one non-adult passenger and, only after this progression, is the new driver permitted to carry multiple passengers. It is helpful to pause before driving to clear one’s mind of mental distractions.

      What do you think the most common distraction for a driver is?
      Currently, I would estimate that cell phones are the most common distraction, followed by passengers or pets in the vehicle. Eating would be high on my list as well.

      Any other information you feel would be helpful?
      I would review the National Road Safety Foundation Website, NRSF.org, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Website. Auto Insurance industry associations and the Websites of national auto insurance companies are also helpful.

      And this from Jeffrey Keel who is the Drivers Education instructor at Moapa Valley High School:

      For students coming and leaving school the number one distraction is other teens riding in the car.They cause distractions by talking, laughing, using electronic devices and sharing information & pictures, etc. with everyone including the driver. Students could be much more safe if they limited other teen passengers to one when driving to school.
      The most common distraction for other diivers is electronic devices. I have seen some drivers reading the newspaper, a book, putting on makeup and of course using a cellphone.

      If the makers of automobiles would install devices that would render cell phones inoperable unless the vehicle is not moving, the number of distracted driver crashes would drop drastically.

      And finally, James R. Breslin from Silver State Driving Academy had this to say:

      In today’s ever-increasing volume of traffic, even a radio playing is a distraction.

      Distracted Driving Distasters (+ Avoidance)

      Finally, from our research on the subject, we put together this infographic to visually illustrate common causes & solutions to distracted driving. Please share this to help keep our roads safe.

      Distracted Driving

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