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Experience The Difference:

Get An Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer By Your Side

Meet Dina Martinez. She was in a car accident in the Las Vegas area. After her accident she was scared & wasn’t sure how to deal with the insurance company & their lawyers. The attorney she was working with wasn’t working out. So she came to Ladah Law Firm, became part of our family and was treated as such. Ramzy Ladah & the staff at Ladah Law Firm eased her fears and ultimately won her case. When you come to Ladah Law Firm, you’ll be treated as part of our family & nobody will work harder to get you the results you deserve. Watch Dina’s video (right) to hear her story in her own words.

“Hi, my name is Dina Martinez. My lawyer’s name is Ramzy Ladah. He is the best lawyer I know. I had another lawyer before I got in this car accident but my lawyer didn’t work the way I wanted. I was so scared because these big, old companies with their big lawyers – you’re scared because you don’t know what is the best way of dealing with them. Ramzy Ladah does exactly what I want. The way he fights in court for me was really good. It was like my family member fighting for a family member. It wasn’t like a lawyer fighting for just somebody, like other lawyers do. I recommend Ramzy Ladah because he does a really, really good job. With these big old companies, you have to deal with when you have a car accident, its kind of impossible for a regular, normal person. So you need a lawyer – that’s Ramzy Ladah. We won and we got a lot of money and I’m so happy about it.”


Review by Dina Martinez

Your Recovery And Future After Your Auto Accident

The first focus should be on your healing and recovery. Worry and stress make it harder to heal. We take care of the details that cause you concern. We even give you our cell numbers so you can contact us during off-hours. We are here to make this process easier for you. You are the priority.

“In our experience, when people are involved in serious motor vehicle collisions, we typically find that people who are able to maintain positive attitudes and have the support of friends and family come out far better than others. That’s why we tell our clients, keep that optimism and stay around family because that is the key to a successful recovery.” – Ramzy Ladah

Financial recovery from an automobile accident is contingent on taking care of all the details of your case. We know how to thoroughly investigate an accident to prove fault. We also know what your case is worth. We aren’t guessing at a number; we know what your injuries will cost you as well as what your other losses will be. We also know what your pain and suffering is worth. If there was malicious behavior by the other driver we can even pursue punitive damages.

Your financial recovery is important. We don’t pursue a quick fix, we fight for a long-term solution to your injuries and a full recovery of your losses. We work to give you the best future possible.

Give the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Ladah Law Firm a call as soon as you are able for a free initial consultation: 702-252-0055.

We Understand What You Are Going Through

We understand what you are going through after a car accident. Whether you are the victim yourself, or the loved one of a person who has been injured or killed in a crash, we know the fear and sadness you are experiencing. Injuries from auto accidents can be tragic, and it is not uncommon for an auto wreck victim to develop psychological injuries – in addition to their physical ones – immediately after the crash, or during the recovery process.

Coping with these emotions and knowing what comes next can feel overwhelming. That’s where we want to help – while we cannot change the fact that the car accident occurred, we can help you to understand your rights and recover the money you deserve. While we know that all the money in the world is not enough to undo the wrong that you have suffered, financial recovery can provide you with the resources that you need to begin to build your future. We are committed to helping Las Vegas auto accident victims who are in need of legal assistance.

Understanding The Process After A Car Accident

The Las Vegas auto accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC know how the insurance companies think. There is no such thing as a fair settlement with their first offer. Previously, Ramzy Ladah worked for the insurance companies that pay out personal injury claims. He has been inside the belly of the beast, as it were, and he understands their strategies and motivations. Before you settle for an amount that seems to be fair, give us a call. The last thing you want is to be stuck with costly expenses after your settlement money is gone.

A car accident creates a complicated process to receive a fair settlement. The main goal of the insurance company representing the responsible party is to pay you as little as possible. Our goal is the opposite. We go over all the details of the accident, your personal injuries, and your goals to make sure you receive a settlement that offers you a hopeful future. Anything less isn’t justice.

What Causes Auto Accidents?

In order to recover the compensation that you deserve, you will need to prove that the other driver did something negligent to cause the car crash. Common causes of car accidents in Las Vegas (all of which are acts of negligence) include:

  • Drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated is a primary cause of accidents each and every year. And in Vegas, where drinking alcohol is about as common as drinking water, drunk driving can serve as a serious threat to others on the road. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day there are approximately 28 people killed in motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol.
  • Speeding. Traveling at an unsafe speed increases a driver’s risk of being in an accident, and increases the risk of the damages from that accident being more severe. According to the Governors’ Highway Safety Association, in a single year, there were more than 9,000 people who died in speeding-related crashes, comprising 28 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities.
  • Distracted driving. Arguably just as dangerous as drunk driving, distracted driving is becoming a leading killer on American roadways. Distraction.gov reports that distracted driving kills more than 3,000 people in a single year, and injures more than 430,000.

The above are not the only causes of car accidents; acts of aggression, illegal lane changes, tailgating, driving fatigue, illegal turns, and multiple other dangerous behaviors can cause accidents, too.

The Costs of Injury and What Can Be Recovered

The costs of injury in a serious car wreck can be great. This is especially true when the injuries sustained cause lasting or permanent damage, physical or psychological. In this sense, damages are often far greater than just medical costs or a property damage claim for a vehicle’s repairs; instead, they may extend to include:

  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish. A car accident often causes a person to suffer a severe amount of both physical and mental pain. Even as the person’s physical injuries heal– and to be sure, some do not – they may be left with emotional injuries, like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Recognizing this, injury law allows car accident victims to seek damages for their pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish.
  • Present and future lost wages. If a automobile accident victim is unable to return to work due to their accident and injuries, the injured party can seek damages for their lost wages, both present (beginning from the date of the accident) and future. In some cases, future lost wages may total into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.
  • Medical expenses. A person who is involved in a car accident may require intensive medical care that leaves them financially destitute. A car accident victim has the right to seek damages for all medical expenses related to the accident, including future medical expenses. This includes the costs of medications, home health care, and more.

In addition to the above, a car accident victim may be awarded a settlement that accounts for all economic and non-economic losses suffered, and in some cases, punitive damages as well.

Who Is Liable?

All drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles responsibly. When a driver violates their duty of care during operation due to an act of negligence, resulting in an automobile accident, they may be held liable. Examples of negligence, or a breach of the duty of care, include speeding, texting while driving, driving drunk, changing lanes illegally, running a stoplight, driving distracted, driving aggressively, and any other acts that a normal person would consider to be unreasonable.

In a truck accident, liability is often more complicated as there are more parties involved. Not only are there two drivers – the truck driver and the victim of the accident – but there is also a trucking company, a shipper of goods, and perhaps additional third parties. Finding out who was at fault can be more complicated, and more than one party may be named in a claim.

It is also important to note that in Nevada, liability may be shared between the defendant and the plaintiff. Insurance companies will capitalize on this, often trying to blame the accident on the claimant so that they can reduce the amount of damages they are liable for.

In order to recover your full compensation amount, you will need to prove negligence and liability. Useful pieces of evidence that can be used include witness testimony, expert testimony, video footage, police reports, physical evidence at the accident scene, and photos. You should be sure to speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer for help with your case.

Talk to anyone in any city in the United States. It’s frustrating and even dangerous to be around a gawking driver from out of town. Las Vegas, with 40 million visitors per year, has more than its fair share of rubbernecking tourists, making driving in Las Vegas riskier than normal.

If you have been injured in a auto accident in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter where you are from, you will need experienced Las Vegas Car Accident attorneys to help you secure financial recovery for your injuries and losses. Help us help you: 702-252-0055.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Other Car Wreck/Collision Resources & Information

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How Maintaining Your Vehicle Can Help You Avoid a Crash

Map Resources to get your car serviced

See Our Map of Car Service Locations in Las Vegas

Although most car crashes are caused by at least one of the party’s negligence, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur as a result of a vehicle malfunction. While some problems are not expected and cannot be prepared for because they’re the result of a design or manufacturing defect, other issues can be prevented by performing routine maintenance.

We understand that not all car owners are mechanics and that in-depth and expert inspections and repairs are not usually practical or affordable. There is some maintenance, however, that drivers can do themselves, or can have completed by a mechanic for a relatively low price, that could end up saving them from sustaining serious injuries or having to make expensive vehicle repairs down the road. Car owners who take the following steps will be able to decrease their chances of being involved in an accident caused by their own vehicle’s malfunctioning:

  • Checking the electrical systems, including a car’s battery for corrosion and cracks in the wiring;
  • Checking the tires for uneven wear, cracks in the sidewalls, and other problems that could be corrected by rotation, realignment, inflation, or replacement;
  • Inspecting a car’s wiper blades for cracks, wear, and stiffness, as worn out blades can seriously inhibit a driver’s visibility in the event of a storm;
  • Ensuring that there is plenty of wiper fluid at all times;
  • Checking the antifreeze to make sure that it is the right kind for the vehicle and will not cause engine, heater, or defroster problems down the road;
  • Inspecting hoses and belts regularly for fraying and cracks;
  • Checking oil, transmission, power steering, and brake fluids on a regular basis;
  • Replacing dirty air filters, which can lead to poor engine performance;
  • Inspecting brake pads and looking for fluid leaks; and
  • Making sure that headlights, taillights, and turn signals are not burnt out, misaligned, or malfunctioning.

While making regular inspections does not guarantee that you will not be involved in a car crash, it does significantly increase your odds of arriving safely at your destination.

Renting a Car After a Crash

Map Resources for rental locations in Vegas

See Our Map of Car Rental Locations in Las Vegas

Some of those who are involved in car accidents are lucky enough to escape with only a few bumps and bruises or no injuries at all. However, it is unusual for a vehicle that has been involved in a crash to end up with no signs of damage. Dents and scrapes are common in almost all types of crashes and many vehicles sustain much worse damage in serious accidents. While these minor problems can be repaired relatively quickly, other damage, especially to the engine or transmission can take weeks to fix. In many cases, vehicle damage is so severe that entire parts need to be replaced. Replacement parts can take weeks to be delivered, especially for older cars or vehicles that have been discontinued. Alternatively, a car may be so damaged that it is considered a total loss, in which case, the car’s owner will need to purchase a new one, a process that could also take a significant amount of time.

Fortunately, car accident victims can get reimbursement for the cost of renting a car while their own vehicle is being repaired or replaced. Nevada law requires car owners to purchase minimum liability insurance of $10,000 for property damage, which includes reimbursement for renting a car. However, if a car is in the shop for a significant period of time, this amount may not cover both the damage and the cost of renting. In these cases, the victim’s uninsured motorist coverage will help offset the remaining cost. Otherwise, a person who has been injured in an auto accident has the option of filing a claim against the at-fault party to recoup those losses.

For help determining who will pay for your own rental car after an accident, please contact the injury attorneys at Ladah Law Firm at 702-252-0055. We realize that accidents can happen at any time and so are available to address your questions or concerns on a 24/7 basis.

Non-Emergency Medical Help

Map of where to go for injuries in Vegas

See Our Map of Medical Help Locations in Las Vegas

Many automobile accident victims are in a state of shock after a crash or are so pumped full of adrenaline that they don’t initially realize that they are injured. For example, even minor car crashes can place a significant amount of stress on a person’s joints and muscles. However, these effects may go unnoticed until many hours have passed since the accident when a victim begins experiencing pain. This is often the case for whiplash victims, who may not notice their pain until the morning following the crash. Immediate treatment is key in these cases, so if you have been in an accident, it is important to visit a doctor as soon as you notice any pain.

Concussions are another type of injury that may go unnoticed after a car crash, but can have serious repercussions if left untreated, so as soon as car accident victims recognize any of the following symptoms they should seek medical aid immediately:

  • Clouded thinking;
  • Memory problems;
  • Headaches;
  • Abnormal sleep patterns;
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Blurry vision; or
  • Sensitivity to noise and light.

Obtaining medical help immediately after noticing an injury can make all the difference in a victim’s chances of making a full recovery.

Contact an Experienced Las Vegas auto Accident Lawyer Today

Car crashes can take a significant physical, emotional, and financial toll on both victims and their families. Injured parties may be required to pay for surgery, therapy, and prescription medications along with other medical expenses, all of which can quickly drive a family into debt. Fortunately, injured parties can collect compensation from the individuals responsible for their accident, so if you were injured in a car crash, please contact the car accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm by calling 702-252-0055 and a member of our dedicated legal team will help you set up a free consultation.

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Traffic Accidents In Las Vegas, The Bigger Picture

Las Vegas Traffic Accidents The Bigger Picture

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Car Accident Infographic Audio Transcription

“The stories are in the statistics. Unless there is greater awareness of these risks, and until the innocent survivors of these collisions get justice for themselves and their loved ones, these tragedies will persist.” – Ramzy Ladah

The numbers – Las Vegas, Nevada Auto incident Statistics

  • The NHTSA study found that drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, and lack of seatbelt usage were the major causes of injuries and deaths in motor-vehicle crashes.
  • NHTSA estimated 32,675 car crash fatalities occurred in 2014.
  • Allstate research found that 70 percent of vehicles involved in auto claims are considered drivable, which indicates that most claims are the result of low-speed (under 35 miles per hour) collisions.
  • NHTSA reported that motor vehicle crashes have an $871 billion economic and societal Impact on U.S. citizens annually, nearly $900 for each person living in the United States.

Las Vegas VS Other top safest driving cities

According to the 11th Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report:

  • Las Vegas ranked 113th safest among America’s 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency.
  • Las Vegas drivers are 17% more likely to have an accident than the national average. That is, one auto collision every 8.5 years.
  • Las Vegas drivers, on average, will experience 18.3 hard braking events for every 1,000 miles driven. The national average is 16 and cities with higher collision frequency also recorded more hard braking events.


Traffic Fatalities

Fatality Type Fatalities
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Total Fatalities (All Crashes)* 148 117 172 190 174
(1) Alcohol-Impaired Driving (BAC=.08+) Fatalities 38 37 60 62 55
(2) Single Vehicle Crash Fatalities 87 69 101 100 98
(3) Large Truck Involved Crash Fatalities 4 7 9 13 9
(4) Speeding Involved Crash Fatalities 52 40 72 74 64
(5) Rollover Involved Crash Fatalities 31 24 46 35 30
(6) Roadway Departure Involved Crash Fatalities 60 47 66 67 64
(7) Intersection (or Intersection Related) Crash Fatalities 55 34 67 76 60


Fatalities per 100,000 Population

Fatality Type Fatalities Per 100,000 Population
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Total Fatalities (All Crashes)* 7.58 5.95 8.61 9.36 8.41
(1) Alcohol-Impaired Driving (BAC=.08+) Fatalities 1.95 1.88 3.00 3.06 2.66
(2) Single Vehicle Crash Fatalities 4.45 3.51 5.05 4.93 4.74
(3) Large Truck Involved Crash Fatalities 0.20 0.36 0.45 0.64 0.43
(4) Speeding Involved Crash Fatalities 2.66 2.03 3.60 3.65 3.09
(5) Rollover Involved Crash Fatalities 1.59 1.22 2.30 1.72 1.45
(6) Roadway Departure Involved Crash Fatalities 3.07 2.39 3.30 3.30 3.09
(7) Intersection (or Intersection Related) Crash Fatalities 2.82 1.73 3.35 3.75 2.90

Traffic Fatalities by Type [4]

Nationwide, traffic deaths are on a downward trend (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). However, Nevada in general has experienced a 7% increase, due to a slight uptick in the state’s rural counties. In Metro’s jurisdiction, more pedestrians died than drivers.

In 2013, there were 70 deaths and the numbers grow year over year. Nevada Department of Transportation

Know what to do after an accident

Safety First

  • Exit your vehicle if it is safe to do so. Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt.
  • Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety.
  • Call the police, even if the accident is minor.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, your vehicle and the if possible, any other vehicles involved in the accident. Note things like weather conditions, witness information and any other information you can think of.
  • Be polite, but don’t tell anyone the accident was your fault, even if you think it was.
  • It is recommended not to give recorded statements without consulting an attorney.
  • If possible, don’t leave the accident scene before the police and other drivers do.
  • Speak to an attorney first – you will need legal advice before you speak to the insurance company and provide a statement of the event. Insurance companies try to push for a quick settlement so it is imperative to speak to an attorney as soon as possible after the event to protect your rights.


When someone has been injured or killed in a motor-vehicle accident in Nevada, the victim and their family members are left with medical bills, lost income, and other costs. It is important to get legal assistance to help the accident victim recover, or when the accident is fatal, to help the family members get fully compensated for their losses.


The auto accident lawyers at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC in Las Vegas, NV can assist you in building an auto injury case. Contact us at 702-252-0055 and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with us. Call Ladah Law Firm today.



[1] Allstate

[2] Allstate

[3] NHTSA.gov

[4] Las Vegas Sun

[5] Accident Data Center

[6] Review Journal

[7] Nevada DOT

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