What to Do After a Car Accident in Vegas That Is Your Fault

at fault in accident
If you were involved in a car accident in Las Vegas or other parts of Nevada and believe that the crash was your fault, you need to know what steps to take.

It is advised to consult with an experienced car accident attorney if you were involved in a motor vehicle crash, especially if you think you were responsible for causing the collision. Schedule a consultation with our attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, to establish fault in your car accident case.

What to do after a car crash in Las Vegas

It is critical to take the following steps if you think that you caused a car accident in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada:

1. Stop and remain at the scene

Under Nevada law, you must stop at the scene of a car accident involving property damage, bodily injury, or death (NRS 484E.010). If possible, you should pick a safe location to pull over, such as the shoulder of the road.

Never leave the scene of an accident, even if you think you were at fault for causing the accident. Don’t make things worse for yourself by committing a hit-and-run. In Nevada, penalties for fleeing the scene of a car accident involving death or injury include:

  • Up to 20 years in prison;
  • A fine of between $2,000 and $5,000; and
  • Possible license suspension/revocation
  • 2. Check for injuries

    Even if your car crash seems minor, you should check for visible injuries to determine whether you need medical assistance and are able to get out of your vehicle.
    Note: It is advised to seek medical attention after the accident even if you do not experience any symptoms of an injury. An adrenaline rush following the collision may block the sensation of pain. Also, injuries may not be apparent for hours or days after the crash.

    3. Call the police and request an ambulance

    The third thing to do is call the police and, if necessary, request an ambulance. It could take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours to wait for the police’s arrival.

    Under NRS 484E.070, motorists in Nevada are legally required to report car accidents involving injuries, death, and property damage exceeding $750.

    Don’t be afraid to contact the police even if you believe that you were to blame for causing the accident. When the police arrive, the responding officer will prepare a written report of the crash. If fault is obvious, the police officer may record this information in the report.
    However, if fault is not immediately clear, the officer will most likely avoid guessing and will leave it to an insurance company or lawyer to investigate the case and establish fault.

    4. Do not admit fault

    If you were at fault for the accident, the worst thing you can do is lie to the police officer. Under Nevada law, it is a crime to obstruct police officers or provide any untrue or misleading statements (NRS 197.190).

    Also, another mistake is to admit fault when speaking with the other party involved in the crash or the responding police officer. Never admit fault even if you think that your negligence contributed to the accident.

    In fact, do not apologize at the scene of the crash, as your apology could be misinterpreted as an admission of fault. Instead, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer to investigate your crash and determine who was at fault for causing it.

    5. Report the crash to your insurance company

    Following the car accident, you should contact your insurance company to report the crash. However, when notifying your insurer of the accident, avoid admitting fault even if you think that the crash was your fault.

    Do not play the guessing game. Contact a lawyer to determine your degree of fault in the car accident. In fact, you may be entitled to compensation even if you were partially responsible for the crash.

    Under NRS 41.141, Nevada follows the doctrine of modified comparative negligence. It means that if you were injured in a car wreck, you could recover damages as long as the other party was 50% or more at fault for the collision. If you were deemed partially at fault for the collision, your compensation would be reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault.

    6. Take pictures at the scene

    Taking pictures at scene of accident
    If you were involved in a car accident in Las Vegas, it is important to gather evidence at the scene of the crash and take pictures of:

    • Vehicle damage
    • Skid marks
    • Conditions that may have contributed to the crash
    • The other vehicle’s license plate
    • Position of traffic signals
    • Debris from the wreck

    7. Gather information from the parties involved in the crash

    While the responding police officer will usually gather information at the scene of the accident, you should collect information on your own if the police never come to the scene. You should gather the following information from all the parties involved in the accident:

    • The names, phone numbers, and addresses
    • License plate numbers, car model, and make
    • Insurance company information and policy numbers

    Also, if anyone witnessed the car accident, you should talk to them and write down their names and phone numbers. A witness can play a critical role in investigating your car accident case and helping establish fault.

    8. Contact a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas

    Following a collision that was your fault, it is critical to speak with a Las Vegas car accident attorney to discuss your case. An experienced lawyer will review your case, explain your legal rights, and help you determine liability and the value of your case.

    The insurance company can force you to admit fault in order to undervalue or deny your claim. However, you should never admit fault before consulting with a lawyer in Las Vegas.

    If you think that the car accident was your fault, let an attorney investigate your case and determine who was responsible for causing the collision. Do not guess or admit fault before consulting with a lawyer. Contact our Las Vegas car accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, to discuss your particular case. Call at 702-252-0055 for a case review.