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Las Vegas Medication Mistakes Attorney

Going to the doctor with any kind of ailment shouldn’t turn you into a science experiment. Your doctor should know exactly the medication he or she is giving to you. However, there are dozens of medications for depression alone; each with different side effects and contraindications. New drugs seem to arrive daily.

Nobody expects a doctor to know everything about every drug. However, they are required to know everything about the few drugs that they do prescribe. Before a doctor puts his or her name on a prescription, she should know exactly what the drug will do and how it will interact with other drugs the patient is on. Anything less than this is negligence.

In hospitals, giving patients the right medication at the right time in the proper dose is critical. Any mistake could be catastrophic. However, each year in the US, one million medication mistakes occur resulting in 7,000 deaths.

Ladah Law Firm, PLLC is an experienced medication-mistake law firm. We know the dynamics of how medication mistakes occur and we know how to track down the cause of the error.

Assigning Liability / Seeking Compensation

Medication mistakes can occur from something as simple as a hastily written prescription or misunderstanding over the phone. Even a decimal point in the wrong place could cause a fatal reaction. Sometime nurses grab the wrong medication off the shelf and inject the patient before the mistake is caught. Considering how many mistakes that are made, the reasons are probably many.

When you call us after a medication mistake, we first determine the error, how it came about, and who is liable. From there we seek for the compensation you need and deserve.

If you suspect a medication mistake is the cause of your medical crisis, give Ladah Law a call today.

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