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It’s Not Your Fault Someone Else Is Asleep At The Wheel, You Shouldn’t Have To Pay For The Mistake. We’re Here To Help.

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Las Vegas Drowsy Driving Accident Attorney

It can get really bad in the evening when the air is warm and the setting sun is starting to hit drivers right between the eyes. With the sun to your back, you can see the bouncing heads trying to stay alert as they try to make it home. That’s right, drowsy driving doesn’t always happen at night; a dozing driver could hit you in broad daylight. Been there, done that? Call us: 702-252-0055.

Taking It In The Rear

Many auto accidents in Las Vegas involving drowsy drivers are low-speed rear-end accidents that on the surface may look like a major fender-bender. The irritating creak in your neck and back however, should tell you that you need a specialist. As an experienced rear-end accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Ladah Law Firm will know the dynamics and long-term consequences of whiplash. We will be able to counsel you to seek the medical help you need and the compensation you deserve.

The medical repercussions of whiplash are often disabling; leaving you unable to work, play, or enjoy life as you had before. You should never settle with an insurance company until you give us a call. We will advise you of your best course of action and make sure you remain eligible to receive your rightful compensation for your injury.

Timing Is Everything

No matter what your injuries were, due to the negligence of a drowsy driver, you should never try to settle quickly. At Ladah Law, we know what your needs are going to be today and far into the future. Insurance companies try to get you to settle early before you realize this. Sometimes with whiplash, the severe symptoms don’t show up for several days or even weeks.

If your injuries are severe, or are becoming disabling, you need to recover your present and future medical bills, present and future income, future opportunities, pain and suffering, and possibly even lost relationships (loss of consortium).

The drowsy driver knew they were putting people at risk when the tried to drive through their fatigue. We will help you get back what he or she took from you. Give Ladah Law Firm a call today.

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