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The Most Likely Ways You’ll Be Injured in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – one of the world’s great entertainment destinations. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that Las Vegas attracts million of tourists each year. But a multitude of attractions, millions of visitors, and busy streets mean that Las Vegas tourists are at an increased risk of suffering a serious injury. An inattentive driver or slippery floor can quickly turn an exciting and thrilling vacation into a terrible ordeal.

While it is true that injury accidents can occur any time and in any location, Las Vegas visitors and residents tend to suffer the following types of injuries more frequently than other types of injuries:

Trip and Fall/Slip and Fall

With 76 casinos, over 100 hotels and countless restaurants – not to mention miles of sidewalks and walkways – it is no wonder that Las Vegas tourists tend to suffer higher rates of trip and falls and slip and falls. Slips are typically caused by a foreign substance on the floor or walkway, such as a spilled drink or the watery residue left on a freshly-mopped floor. Trips, by contrast, are typically caused by defects in the walking surface, such as uneven tiles or steps or objects dropped or left on the floor. In both cases, property owners like casino owners, hotel owners, and restaurant owners owe a duty to their guests and visitors to keep their properties free from obvious trip and slip dangers.

Taxi Accidents

Of the nearly 40 million tourists that visit Las Vegas each year, a large number of them do not arrive with a car. This means that they depend on taxicab and limousine companies to get around. But when you get into a taxicab, you are placing your safety in the hands of the taxi driver. It’s no different when you get a ride with Lyft or Uber. If that taxicab driver drives recklessly or negligently, you can easily pay the price. While wearing a seatbelt can help reduce the severity of injuries you get in a Las Vegas taxi accident, concussions, broken bones, “whiplash” injuries, and other severe, life-altering injuries are common.

Bus Accidents

Because of their sheer size, some may feel that they are better protected from injuries in an accident when they are riding on a bus or shuttle. However, passengers on a bus may suffer severe injuries in a crash. Passengers may be tossed about the interior of the cabin if the bus rolls over. Or luggage stored overhead may come loose and hit passengers. And (of course) a bus that hits another passenger car or pedestrian can cause serious (or even fatal) injuries to those other individuals.
Common motor carriers” such as bus companies and shuttle companies owe their passengers a greater duty of care to others than the normal motorist, which means those injured in a bus accident may have an easier time in recovering compensation. A bus accident case, though should still be handled by an experienced Las Vegas bus accident lawyer.

Pedestrian Accidents

Most individuals visiting the Las Vegas Strip choose to walk between attractions since many of them are located close to one another. Even though there are more pedestrians in this area, it does not mean that the area is friendly to foot traffic. Cars, buses, and other vehicles still use the roadways, meaning pedestrians must be careful. Crosswalks, casino entrances and exits, and parking lots are all places where pedestrians and vehicles are in especially close proximity to one another. Unfortunately, when a vehicle and a pedestrian collide with one another, the pedestrian is often left with catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Injuries Caused by Valet or Hotel Staff

Many hotels and casinos offer their guests valet parking service as a means of welcoming their guests and enhancing their overall experience. But carelessness on the part of a valet worker or hotel or casino staff member can injure Las Vegas guests. For instance, a valet worker can close a door to a car before a guest has fully exited a car, or an inattentive parking attendant can contribute to an accident by negligently directing traffic.

One thing that those injured in these sorts of accidents have in common is the need for experienced legal assistance. At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to helping those injured in a Las Vegas accident recover full compensation. Whether you are injured in a trip and fall accident inside a casino or struck by an inattentive motorist while crossing the street, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of seeking damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Las Vegas accident, contact a qualified personal injury attorney in Las Vegas day or night at 702-252-0055.

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