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Las Vegas Safety Resources

3 Categories of Assets to Help Keep You Protected

Just how safe is vegas? Pretty safe overall. However, in a city the size of Vegas, there’s bound to be some potential dangers & things to be aware of to keep yourself & loved ones out of harms way.

Transportation Safety:

avoiding traffic accidents
Be aware of the accident statistics & do everything you can to avoid putting yourself in a position where accidents are more likely to happen. Pay close attention to the road, never try to communicate on your phone while driving. Avoid dangerous intersections. Maintain your vehicle properly to avoid breakdowns in high traffic areas or otherconditions that could lead to accidents (like flat tires & the mechanical failures). Try to avoid heavy traffic areas at key times of the day. This map with traffic cameras can help you determine where to go & not to go: while planning your route.

If taking public transportation, avoid common mistakes like falling asleep or leaving your valuables on the seat next to you. Don’t let your cab driver take you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Avoiding Crime:

avoiding crime
Generally speaking, the Strip & Freemont Street are pretty safe places. Not only are there cameras everywhere (inside & out) but there’s also high tourist volume nearly all the time. For this reason, there’s high police patrol resources dedicated to these areas as the tourist economy is a vital revenue source for the city & it’s critical that tourist feel fairly safe in these high volume tourist areas. However, traveling alone, at night and especially into areas you’re unfamiliar with can lead to dangerous situations in any city. If you plan to venture off the beaten path, you may want to have a look at this crime map to get a general feeling for what areas are safer than others: More than anything though, this map will remind you that crime can happen pretty much anywhere so you need to keep your wits about you no matter where you are.

Even though the strip is generally fairly safe, one of the more common things to be aware of is the potential for pickpockets & thieves to con or rob you. Be aware of distractions that may be designed to be a diversion while thieves attempt to steal peoples wallets and purses. Keep your distance from people as often the act of bumping into someone is just enough to distract you enough for a thief to get your wallet. Plus the contact from the seemingly unintentional bump reduces the likelihood you’ll feel the removal of your wallet. Be aware of where your money is at at all times. Those who look like they aren’t paying attention to where their valuables are could be more subject to being targeted.

Treating Injury:

getting medical help
So what if you do everything in your power to avoid injury & danger but still end up drawing the short end of the stick? Maybe you just didn’t see that speeder or that Uber driver who just wasn’t paying attention to the road. Be prepared for the worst & if the worst does happen, it might not end up as bad as it otherwise would have. The first thing is you need to know when to seek immediate medical attention by calling 911 vs scheduling an appointment to have a minor injury looked at. It’s not always an easy call when you think “your not hurt that bad”. Best to err on the side of caution & get checked out even if an injury seems somewhat minor.

Be aware of the most common/typical injuries in Vegas and know where to go if you do experience an accident. Use this map to familiarize yourself with the variety of medical facilities in relation to major landmarks in Vegas: Map here

Make yourself familiar with the potential for different types of danger when you visit a new city so you know what to be on the look out for. This alone will substantially increase your ability to stay safe & is a smart move on your part. If unforeseen elements of danger do make it through the radar or you just have an unlucky day & end up injured, don’t hesitate to contact authorities and/or an attorney.