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Las Vegas Crashes of the Rich and Famous : Which Commonly Searched Questions About Star Crashes Actually Happened?

Traffic collisions are among the leading cause of serious injuries in Nevada. According to data from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), nearly 35,000 people were injured in accidents in the state in 2017 alone. Motor vehicle accidents can impact every person and every community—from the most famous of celebrities to your neighbor who lives a few houses down the street. Here, our Nevada car accident lawyers review some of the most talked-about car crashes in the Las Vegas Metro area. We discuss which ones actually happened and why.

If you search Google for many variations of “Las Vegas” plus words like “Car Accident” or “Car Crash” Google will autocomplete your search to many of the following questions. Indicating there are several people searching for information on crashes involving famous people they heard got into some sort of accident in Vegas. But did these events actually happen? Let’s look a little closer at some of these searches.
Google Search for Famous Crashes

17 Notable Car Accidents in Las Vegas People Are Searching Google About: How They Happened

Which Contestant from America’s Got Talent Died in a 2017 Las Vegas Car Accident?

Brandon Rogers. However, the accident in question did not actually occur in Southern Nevada. As reported by KTNV Las Vegas, the America’s Got Talent contestant passed away in a crash in Maryland. Based on reports from law enforcement, he was a passenger in a vehicle that veered off the road and struck a tree. Rogers, who was originally from Virginia, became linked to Las Vegas after he performed a series of successful concerts with the 90s R&B group Boyz 2 Men.

Comedian Who Died in Corvette Crash Going to Vegas

Sam Kinison. In April of 1992, Mr. Kinison was driving a Pontiac on United State Route 95, between Southern California and Las Vegas. He was scheduled to perform at a gig in Clark County later that evening. According to the accident report, a pickup truck that was being driven by an intoxicated seventeen-year-old crossed the centerline, striking and killing Mr. Kinison in a devastating head-on collision. The young man who crashed while intoxicated was charged with drunk driving.

Who Did Kyle Busch Wreck Lead Vegas?

In September, NASCAR held its semi-annual race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Kyle Busch, a local born driver and one of the most controversial figures in the sport, had a tough race. He finished in 19th place—a lap behind the race winner—after he crashed into Garrett Smithley. Following the collision, Kyle Busch criticized the other driver. Busch stated that Garrett Smithley should have gone to the high side of the track instead of the in the middle lane.

What Year Did Jeff Gordon Wreck in Las Vegas?

While Jeff Gordon has been involved in a few wrecks at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the one that really stands out is his 2008 crash. When thinking of Gordon and Las Vegas, most people are thinking of this wreck. As explained by Fox Sports, Jeff Gordon’s 2008 Las Vegas crash was truly a violent wreck. After the race, Jeff Gordon called the crash the “hardest” he ever hit the wall in his entire life. Fortunately, Gordon was not severely injured in the collision. Looking back, officials note that Jeff Gordon’s 2008 crash is a pivotal moment in the history of the sport. Among other things, it helped to push the installation of safer barriers.

Did Iron Eagle Founder Mary Anne Kimsey Las Vegas Die in Wreck?

Rich & Famous in Vegas
No. There are no verified reports of Iron Eagle Found Mary Anne Kimsey being involved in a fatal collision in Las Vegas or in any other community. A retired attorney and licensed nurse, Mary Anne Kimsey has helped found a project aimed at improving motorcycle safety in Nevada and throughout the United States. She has had a truly unique and impactful career. Iron Eagle has collected an enormous amount of money for charity. Since 2010, more than $10 million has been raised for important causes, including the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Pornstar Britney Dies in Las Vegas Car Wreck

In 2006, a former pornstar named Anna Hotop-Stout (Anna Malle) was killed in a car accident just outside of Las Vegas. According to a report from local law enforcement officers, Ms. Hotop-Stout was attempting to make a U-turn when she collided with an oncoming pickup truck. Unfortunately, she was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. The accident occurred on Route 160, a two-lane highway that has been noted as an unusually dangerous stretch of highway.

Leticia Bigghum Died in a Car Crash May 7 2015 Las Vegas NV

A Las Vegas woman named Bigghum Leticia passed away on May 7th, 2015. There is no publicly available information as to whether the cause of death was a car accident. We send our strongest condolences to the family members and the loved ones of the deceased.

Scotty Cranmer Crash in Las Vegas Video

Scotty Cranmer is a professional BMX rider. In October of 2016, Mr. Cranmer was involved in a devastating, catastrophic wreck in Las Vegas. After getting his foot caught in the peddle and face planting into the pavement, he was transported to a Las Vegas hospital in critical condition. Fortunately, he was able to recover from his injuries and returned to the scene of the accident a year later. The video of Cranmer returning to the scene of the accident can be viewed on his YouTube channel. He offers a lot of insights on the crash and his physical and emotional recovery.

Larry Dixon Crash in Las Vegas

Larry Dixon is a professional drag racing driver. In 2017, Mr. Dixon was involved in a freak accident at the starting line of a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For lack of a better way to put it, his drag racing car essentially exploded. Amazingly, he was able to walk away from the fiery accident without sustaining serious injuries. After the crash, Dixon was frustrated that he was out of the competition, but he was thankful that he was able to escape the crash without serious injuries.

Update on Condition of Injured Mr. Mardapittas in 5 Vehicle Crash Las Vegas

There is no updated information regarding a multi-vehicle crash involving a man by the name of Mr. Mardapittas or of the condition of any of the victims.

Kseniya Beryazina Were Drugs Involved in Las Vegas Crash

Kseniya Beryazina is a Ukranian make up artist who married American rock star Fred Durst in 2012. In 2018, the couple filed for divorce. There are no verified reports of Ms. Beryazina being involved in a crash in Las Vegas—let alone a crash involving drugs.

Katrina Hernandez Las Vegas Died in Car Crash Hyde Park Middle School Western HI

There is no information about this possible accident available through public sources. The veracity of a fatal crash involving Katrina Hernandez cannot be confirmed or denied at this time.

Where Did Evel Knievel Crash in Las Vegas?

The Fountains at Caesars Palace. On New Year’s Eve in 1967, Evel Knievel attempted to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace in a death-defying stunt. Unfortunately, the attempt to clear the structures came up short. Knievel made a crash landing that resulted in significant injuries. It is one of the most noteworthy motorcycle wrecks in history. Among other things, the world-famous stuntman suffered a crushed pelvis, fractured his femur, broke both ankles, and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Though it was a near-fatal crash, Even Knievel was back at it performing extreme stunts just five months later.

Car Crash in Las Vegas in August John

In August of 2019, the driver of a FedEx commercial truck was struck and killed while he was attempting to provide help to other people who were involved in a vehicle fire. The driver of the truck, a Pahrump, NV man named John Stacy, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. It was a truly tragic accident, According to reporting from Las Vegas News 3, Mr. Stacy was going out of his way to provide help to people in need. After noticing a vehicle fire on the side of the road, John Stacy got out of his truck with a fire extinguisher and attempted to control the scene. Tragically, he was struck by a large cement mixing truck.

Crash Jose Antonio Gomez Lunarte in Las Vegas

Las Vegas
A 28-year-old man named Jose Antonio Gomez Lunarte was critically injured in a crash in May of 2017. It was a single-vehicle wreck. According to reporting from the Las Vegas Review Journal, Mr. Gomez Lunarte was a passenger in the crash. The car was being operated by an intoxicated driver. The woman who was driving the vehicle was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (DUI). She was also injured in the wreck. Unfortunately, drunk driving and drugged driving remains a very serious public safety problem Nevada.

Murrieta Couple Dies in Car Crash Las Vegas

The 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting was one of the most horrific attacks in American history. To be sure, 59 people were killed and as many as 800 were injured after a man opened fire on innocent people at the Route 91 Harvest music. A Murrieta couple managed to survive the attack. Sadly, less than three weeks later the husband and wife were killed in a traffic collision near their home in California. According to reporting from the Los Angeles Times, Dennis Carver, 52, and Lorraine Carver, 54, were pronounced dead at the scene of an accident after their vehicle went off the road and collided with brick pillars.

Dan Wheldon Crash in Las Vegas

Born in 1978, Dan Wheldon was one of the most successful British motor racing drivers in history. He won the Indianapolis 500 twice, in 2005 and 2011. On October 16th, 2011, Dan Wheldon competed in an IndyCar series event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On the eleventh lap of the race, Wheldon was involved in a horrific crash. The wreck destroyed his car, making it all but unrecognizable. Tragically, he was killed in the accident. After the accident, the IndyCar series stopped competing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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