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5 Ways To Avoid Being The Victim Of A Gun Accident In The Silver State

gun accidents

Having a gun provides protection for you, your property, and your loved ones, but it can also present serious safety risks. Gun rights are a hot topic across the country, and in the state of Nevada, the percentage of gun ownership among residents is nearly 40 percent. Owning a gun is a serious responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Our gun accident lawyers offer these tips on how to handle your gun safely and prevent shooting-related accidents from occurring.

Avoiding Gun Accidents

The following are five ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from being a victim in a gun related accident:

  • 1. Know how to use your gun. When investing in a gun, invest in the appropriate classes to ensure you know how to use it properly.
  • 2. Know where you are permitted to carry a gun. Nevada Carry offers extensive information on the types of places you can and cannot carry a gun in our state.
  • 3. Invest in a quality gun case. A defective gun case could cost lives. If the case is defective and an accident occurs, the case maker and seller could be held liable for any damages that result.
  • 4. Keep your gun locked up when not in use. Never leave your gun lying around where it could fall into the wrong hands.
  • 5. Clean your gun regularly. Proper cleaning and maintenance will your gun functioning properly, avoiding misfires which could result in injuries.

In addition to the above, use caution when showing your gun in public and do not point your weapon at law enforcement, under any circumstances. A recent Las Vegas Review Journal articles highlight a case in which North Las Vegas officer is accused of using heavy force in shooting an armed man. While officers can be found liable for damages that occur in these situations, your safety is the top priority.

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