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5 Innocent Statements That Can Ruin Your Injury Claim

After a serious accident, many injury victims contact their insurance companies to discuss options for compensation. Insurance companies want to avoid paying claims wherever possible, and they can use seemingly innocent statement against you so that you are not compensated for your losses. According to an article from the American Institute of CPAs, car accident claims often result in disputes between the insurer and the accident victim.

The following are examples of innocent statements that could result in you being denied just compensation for your injuries:

1. “I Do Not Know What I Saw, Exactly, But I Think I Saw . . .”

Only give the facts when you speak to an insurance agent. If you begin providing subjective memories of the accident, the insurance company may be able to use your statement against you at a later date.

2. “While My Back Hurt Before the Accident, It Hurts Much More Now.”

Do not give an insurance company any reason to think that you sustained your injury prior to the accident. Leave specific medical information and assessment to your healthcare provider.

3. “I Did Not Experience Pain Immediately After the Accident.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, signs and symptoms of some injuries can take hours or even days to appear after an initial accident occurs. Do not provide any information to your insurance company or to anyone else concerning injuries until you have seen a doctor.

4. “I Think The Accident Happened This Way, But It Might Have Been Caused Another Way, Too . . .”

Only provide the facts, and do not describe alternate narratives that could be used to discredit you. Your credibility will be essential in obtaining compensation.

5. “Maybe It Was My Fault.”

After speaking to an insurance adjuster or a claims representative, you might begin to question your version of the story. Do not ever indicate, in any manner, that you might have been responsible for an accident. The insurance company can use this statement against you to avoid paying for another party’s negligence.

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