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10 Places Close To The Vegas Strip To Get An Injury Examined On Your Vacation

If you are unlucky enough to sustain a significant injury on your vacation in Las Vegas, however, there are a number of professionals on and near the Strip that can help you in a pinch.

There are a number of urgent care facilities nearby, but only a few full-fledged hospitals. The most convenient for the majority of Strip hotels is going to be the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, to the east of the Westgate and the Las Vegas Country Club. Sunrise is a full-service hospital, complete with a maternity ward and facilities for children. Another option is University Medical Center, which has multiple Quick Care centers around town, with the hospital itself located near the Stratosphere.

If your injury is not so severe as to require hospitalization, there are many urgent care clinics that are conveniently located. The unique feature of most urgent care clinics on the strip is that many of them will offer in-room visits if necessary, which can be a lifesaver if an injury makes it difficult to move. 24 Hour Vegas Hotel Doctor is located on Paradise Road, but serves all the Strip casinos. Another good option is Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care, located next to the Flamingo, across the street from Caesar’s Palace, which will offer the same service. Vegas Concierge Doctor is slightly further off the Strip, but will still provide prompt service.

Toward the southern end of the Strip, there are other options aside from hotel doctors, if need be; there is a CVS Minute Clinic in the Mandarin Oriental, as well as several other pharmacies. A few urgent care clinics also operate a few blocks off the Strip, though you will have to go to them, rather than be able to get in-room service. The closest is likely to be Quick Care Las Vegas, on Maryland Parkway, close to the Westgate.

It is also worth noting that the Venetian, Planet Hollywood and all Harrah’s hotels have Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on staff, and while an EMT cannot assess an injury, they can transport you to a medical facility quickly and ensure you do not injure yourself further. In a real pinch, there is a medical clinic and pharmacy at McCarran Airport, which can treat most minor injuries.

No matter where you go or what befalls you, if you have experienced personal injuries sustained in Las Vegas, a good lawyer can make all the difference. The experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Ladah Law understand the confusion and pain that an unexpected injury can cause, and are happy to help you decide on the right path for you in terms of handling it. Contact us today at (702) 252-0055 to set up an appointment.

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