Testimonials From Past Clients of Ladah Law Firm

$70.6 Million

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Wrongful Death

$11 Million

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Head Injury

$10 Million

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Truck Accident

$6.4 Million

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Shooting Injury

$5.5 Million

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Spinal Injury

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Amy Wilson

Ramzy is just very thorough, and he explains things very well. He was in contact with me consistently. I felt like I knew what was going on at all times. And the way he prepared me made me feel very, confident in both my ability to testify and also in his strategy. If you are hurt, if you’ve been in a car accident, if you have been injured in some way, I would recommend Ladah Law.

They have made my process so easy. They’ve been beside me the whole time. I’ve never felt alone. They’ve made sure that I get the medical care that I need. They have done everything that I’ve needed them to do, above and beyond what I would even imagine they could do.

And they settled my case for far more than I ever even imagined. So I’m very grateful to Ramzy Ladah for that.

Brain Injury Clients' Testimonial

Las Vegas Brain Injury Case Results

Ladah Law Firm: “What happened on the day of the accident? What were you doing?”
Client: “On the day of the accident, we were at the recreation area in the apartments and my sone was injured when a lamp fell on his head. He was in the hospital for 2.5 weeks and was in critical condition. “

Ladah Law Firm: “What were his injures?”
Client: “He had a brain injury. Yes. There were pieces of the lamp inside his brain so they had to do an emergency surgery to remove the pieces from his brain.”

Ladah Law Firm: “How was your sone on the day?”
Client: “Critical, very critical. When he was released from the hospital he could not walk right, he could not move his hands very well. He was scared of everything.”

Ladah Law Firm: “How did this accident affect his life?”
Client: “In many ways, he became scared of the dark. That is because the day of the accident he was unable to see anything. Everything was dark. To this day, he is still scared of the dark. He does not like to be alone. He does not like his face to be covered with anything because of the blood that covered his face that day.”

Ladah Law Firm: “Based on the results of your case, how was your experience with us?”
Client: “Very good. The best we could have ever asked for.”

Ladah Law Firm: “In what ways did we help you out with this case?”
Client: “The main thing is we won the case. Throughout the whole process, you all were always on top of everything that had to do with my son and us.”

Ladah Law Firm: “Did you feel satisfied with out law firm?”
Client: “Yes, Ramzy was truly concerned from the first day that he saw our son. We felt he was going to be good for our son, the accident and the case.”

Ladah Law Firm: “What did our firm and Ramzy do for you that you felt grateful for?
Client: “He always gave us good attention. He was always on top of anything we needed. He always gave us a hand and he never told us no. He always cared. ”

Ladah Law Firm: “Okay.”

Las Vegas Car Accident Client

Las Vegas Car Accident Case Results

“Hi, my name is Dina Martinez. My lawyer’s name is Ramzy Ladah. He is the best lawyer I know. I had another lawyer before I got in this car accident but my lawyer didn’t work the way I wanted. I was so scared because these big, old companies with their big lawyers – you’re scared because you don’t know what is the best way of dealing with them

Ramzy Ladah does exactly what I want. The way he fights in court for me was really good. It was like my family member fighting for a family member. It wasn’t like a lawyer fighting for just somebody, like other lawyers do. I recommend Ramzy Ladah because he does a really, really good job. With these big old companies you have to deal with when you have a car accident, its kind of impossible for a regular, normal person. So you need a lawyer – that’s Ramzy Ladah. We won and we got a lot of money and I’m so happy about it.”

Las Vegas Personal Injury Client

Las Vegas Personal Injury Case Results

“I’m Gloria Evans and I had a personal injury accident. I was hoping to get reimbursed for some of it and went to an attorney who said she didn’t think she could handle the case but referred me to Ramzy.

Ramzy took over and he and his staff did just a wonderful job. They got me more money than I thought that I would get. Everything was efficient. They kept me up to date on all the steps that we went through. And, I was just very pleased and would recommend them to anyone else.”

Nevada Personal Injury Client

Nevada Car Accident Case Results

“I was in a car accident where another driver rear ended me in the rain on my way to work. That person’s insurance company barely offered me half of my medical bills. Ramzy refused to settle for that or anything close to that. Another attorney might have told me just to take it. But Ramzy took my case all the way through a jury trial where he got me almost ten times what the insurance company offered before trial. I’m so grateful to have hired Ramzy who helped me get compensated for what I went through and am so glad that I have been able to move on with my life.”

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