What Can I Do In Las Vegas Besides Gamble?

Las Vegas is probably best known for gambling. Millions of people arrive in Vegas every year hoping to score big at blackjack or wplaying the slot machines. But gambling is not the only attraction that Las Vegas has to offer. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy yourself in Vegas—and just as many ways to suffer a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence.

What Happens If I Have an Accident at a Casino?

Even if you do not gamble, it is virtually impossible to spend any time in Las Vegas without at least walking through a casino. And while a casino offers glitz and glamor, it is still a place of business open to the public. That means hotel owners must exercise reasonable care to ensure all patrons avoid injuries in casinos. It does not matter that you are not actually gambling. A casino owner’s duty extends to any “invitees” on its property.

Most casino accidents are no different than incidents that occur in any type of business. An unmarked wet floor may cause someone to have a slip-and-fall accident. A poorly maintained stairwell or escalator may also lead to a serious fall. If a casino is undergoing construction or renovation, there may be dangerous equipment left out or exposed utilities that can injure an unaware passerby. A casino operator may be held responsible for any hazard or dangerous condition that can lead to serious injury.

Can I Suffer a Serious Injury While Eating Out?

Las Vegas has some of the world’s best restaurants. As with casinos, Las Vegas restaurants owe all patrons a duty to maintain safe premises. Restaurants must also follow stringent health codes to ensure the safety of any food served to the public. But despite this, there have been incidents involving food poisoning and other serious lapses in food safety while eating out. For example, in 2013 a well-known four-star Vegas restaurant was closed after 200 people reported symptoms of food poisoning, which health inspectors attributed to a salmonella outbreak.

What About Nightclub Injuries?

Las Vegas has an active nightclub and nightlife scene. Unfortunately, when you combine low lighting, alcohol, and people looking for a “good time,” there can be any number of security issues. In recent years there have been reports of dangerous fights breaking out at clubs—in some cases involving gunfire—which may be partly attributed to inadequate security. While a nightclub owner is not necessarily liable for every third-party act that occurs on its property, it can be held responsible if it ignored foreseeable risks to patron safety and failed to plan accordingly.

Should I Be Concerned About Injuries While Sightseeing Around Vegas?

Las Vegas is more than just the Strip. There are many attractions and outdoor activities in and around Vegas. For instance, many travelers enjoy bus tours to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon while staying in Las Vegas. If a patron is injured while on such an excursion, the tour operator may be liable for any damages.