Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in Las Vegas, you should meet with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Injured victims have important legal rights, but they need to act quickly. Below, we highlight some of the more common questions our lawyers have received over the years regarding personal injuries and provide answers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Why are there so many personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas?

With our bustling nightlife, Las Vegas sees more action in a 24-hour period than any other city in the country. With so many people out and about, roads are congested, and people are bound to be injured. Las Vegas needs many personal injury lawyers to help injured victims. Of course, not all personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas are the same, so you need to spend time carefully finding the right lawyer to represent you after an accident.

What is different about personal injury law in Las Vegas?

Many accidents in Las Vegas happen in casinos or other entertainment venues, which are owned by large corporations. They will aggressively defend accident claims, so that is different than being injured in a small grocery store in the middle of nowhere.

What does a personal injury attorney charge in Las Vegas Nevada?

Personal injury lawyers typically represent injured victims on contingency agreements. With these agreements, the victim pays no legal fees upfront (though she does pay for the costs of the litigation). Instead, the client agrees to pay a percentage of her settlement or jury verdict to the attorney if they win the case. If the attorney loses, then the client owes no attorneys’ fees.

What percentage do lawyers take for personal injury Las Vegas?

The percentage is negotiated between the client and the attorney at the start of the representation and is contained in a written fee agreement. Typically, the percentage depends on when the case settles:
If the case settles before trial, then the lawyer typically gets 33.3% of the settlement
If the case settles during or after trial, then the lawyer gets 40% of the settlement
If there is no settlement but the client wins at trial, then the lawyer typically gets 40% of the court award

How often do injury lawyers in Las Vegas go to court?

Often. It is true that most cases in Las Vegas settle before ever getting to a trial. But that does not mean that lawyers don’t have to go into court. Many cases are settled only after filing a lawsuit, because filing the lawsuit helps show the defense that we are serious about getting fair compensation for our clients.

Remember that a case can settle at any time. Some cases settle even during a trial, when the defense realizes that the case is not going well for them. Some cases might even settle after a jury verdict, since either side could bring an appeal. Settling is a way to end the legal process.

What should I ask a personal injury lawyer I’m considering hiring?

hiring a Las Vegas injury lawyer
You want to be comfortable with both the lawyer’s experience and communication style before hiring them. To that end, many Las Vegas personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, where injured victims can meet and discuss their case.

We recommend that you ask questions about the lawyer’s experience during the consultation. Personal injury law is a big field. Car accident cases require different evidence than pedestrian accidents. A slip and fall inside a casino will be different than a slip and fall that happens on someone’s driveway. Look for a lawyer who has handled cases like yours. This lawyer will understand how to build an effective claim for compensation.

You also need to be comfortable with how the lawyer communicates. Ask questions about how the lawyer keeps a client in the loop. Personal injury cases can drag on for months, and many clients are unhappy that they don’t know what is going on. Ask how the lawyer will keep you updated on the case and how the lawyer best communicates—over the phone, email, etc.

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