Is Centennial Hills Las Vegas Safe?

Centennial Hills is a beautiful neighborhood in the northwest corner of Las Vegas with many single-family homes. The neighborhood is home to several parks, which are ideal for young families and for visitors hoping to get away from the bustle of downtown. However, like all areas in and around Las Vegas, safety can be a concern. Those who have just moved to Las Vegas or are visiting might wonder, “Is Centennial Hills Las Vegas safe?” Below, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer looks at what you need to know.
North Las Vegas Centennial Hills Area

Do I Have to Worry about Crime in Centennial Hills?

Yes. Visitors to Centennial Hills must be wary at all times of where they are and their surroundings. The sad reality is that Centennial Hills has a very high crime rate—much higher than the national average. According to areavibes.com, Centennial Hills scored an “F” on crime because the area had a total crime rate that was 93% above the national average.

People driving through the neighborhoods full of beautiful homes might be surprised by this fact. But violent crime was 88% above the national average and property crime was 94% above.

In fact, Centennial Hills had a much higher crime rate than the rest of Las Vegas. When expressed by the number of crimes per 100,000 people, Centennial Hills had 4,799 whereas the city as a whole had only 3,303. This means that the crime rate is nearly 50% higher in Centennial Hills than the rest of the city.

Why Is Centennial Hills So Much More Dangerous than the Strip?

There are probably some simple reasons that explain this fact. For one, this is a bedroom community where many people live but few people come to visit. Because of the casinos on the Strip, security is beefed up. And the city has a direct financial stake in ensuring that visitors avoid being victimized by crime.
Also, there is safety in numbers. The more people out and about, the less likely a criminal will think he can get away with a crime.

Lastly, other parts of Vegas are very well lit, especially the Strip, which has casinos lit up at all hours of the night. That is not necessarily so in Centennial Hills.

Is Centennial Hills the Most Dangerous Neighborhood in Las Vegas?

Not at all. According to ExtraSpace.com, Centennial Hills is safer than 40% of the other cities in Las Vegas. Indeed, this website claims that the crime rate is “incredibly low”; however, we recommend visitors take that conclusion with a grain of salt. The crime rate is “incredibly low” relative to some other neighborhoods in the city. There are many areas—especially tourist areas, like the Strip—where the crime rate is lower than that in Centennial Hills.

If you are looking to move to the city, then consider this neighborhood. ExtraSpace.com claims it is “perfect” for retirees and families. There is plenty of available housing that should work with your budget, from starter homes to seven-figure mansions.

What Are the Most Dangerous Parts of Centennial Hills?

We see many crimes committed in the area immediately to the west of Centennial Hills Hospital. There is quite a bit of foot traffic in this area at night, which probably explains why there is some significant crime in the area. If you are at the hospital and don’t feel safe walking to your car, then ask security at the hospital to assist you.

You should also be careful around Farm Road and West Grand Teton Road, which is at the far northern border of the Centennial Hills neighborhood. There has been elevated crime in these areas.

Can You Walk Around Centennial Hills Safely at Night?

Walking at night could be risky. According to Trulia’s users, only 63% said that they felt comfortable walking around at night. Another 70% reported that the streets are well lit.

Unfortunately, these aren’t great numbers. Put differently, more than 1 out of 3 people who live in the neighborhood don’t feel safe walking in the dark. If you do decide to go out at night, we can’t recommend enough walking with a friend or with your dog. There is safety in numbers. You should also have a phone on you and be prepared to call for help.

Remember to always stick to areas that are well lit and avoid dark parks, even if you are just “cutting through” to get to a different part of the neighborhood. The sad fact is that a criminal could be waiting to jump you.

Is it Safe to Drive in Centennial Hills?

Driving in Las Vegas
Yes. This is a residential neighborhood that does not see a tremendous amount of traffic. Of course, U.S. Route 95 cuts right through Centennial Hills at a diagonal, and highways tend to see quite a few accidents. In fact, one website identified Route 95 as the “worst” highway in the state—and for good reason. The highway has only two lanes, and there are very few places where you can pass. The risk of a head-on collision is high because drivers must pull into the lane of oncoming traffic to get past a slowpoke.

If you are on the highway cutting through Centennial Hills, you should exercise extreme caution. Always remember to use your turn signals, and do not take the off-ramp too fast. If you are getting onto the highway, then remember to merge properly. Nevada traffic laws do require that you stop if there isn’t enough room to safely merge with traffic.

Apart from the highway, driving in residential neighborhoods should be less hair-raising. Still, watch for pedestrians (including young children) who might jump into the street. Never tailgate because you do not know when the person in front of you will step. And avoid speeding, which is illegal but contributes to far too many accidents.

Can a Lawyer Help Me if I am Injured?

Yes. Many people are injured in Centennial Hills in the following manner:

  • Car wrecks
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Violent attacks
  • Slip and falls

A lawyer can help you hold the correct person or entity accountable for your injuries. For example, you might be attacked in a business parking lot or on the sidewalk outside a business. Under Nevada law, businesses must keep their property reasonably safe for visitors, and this duty includes taking precautions to prevent crime. Depending on the circumstances, a business might need to hire security guards or install lighting and/or security cameras. When a business fails to take these steps, injured victims can often sue.

Do You Recommend Other Neighbors to Move To?

When people ask “Is Las Vegas Safe?,” they imagine the city is one giant entity. But there are many neighborhoods in Las Vegas to choose from, and they all have something unique to offer. If you are looking at Centennial Hills as a place to put down roots, it’s probably because you have a job in the area, possibly even at the Hospital. It’s really hard to beat living close to work.

However, if you don’t mind a commute, you might consider Summerlin, which is roughly 10 miles to the south of Centennial Hills and is to the west of North Las Vegas. Crime in Summerlin is far below the national average and is one of the safest communities in the area. Be prepared to spend quite a bit for housing, though.

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