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What Is A Letter of Protection and How Can It Help Me?

Las Vegas letter of protection how it helps

When you are injured in an automobile accident, the most important thing to do is to obtain the medical treatment that you need for your injuries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have health insurance, or if your health insurance doesn’t cover the types of injuries that you have sustained during the accident – if you need medical care, it is critical that you receive treatment.

But some medical professionals will refuse to provide medical services to a person involved in an auto accident because there is no assurance that he or she will be paid for providing such services. Health insurance companies often refuse to pay out claims made on auto accident injuries because auto accident-related injuries should fall within the purview of auto insurance coverage. In this case, what is an injured automobile accident victim to do?

What Is A Letter of Protection?

A letter of protection, sometimes also referred to as a medical lien, is a formal letter that an attorney, usually a personal injury attorney, sends to a medical practitioner on behalf of an injured individual, that enables the injured person to obtain medical care in exchange for the promise that any charges for medical services will be paid out of any future recovery from a judge or jury or settlement agreement.

A letter of protection is a legal contract between the injured party and the medical professional that enables the injured person to obtain the medical services he or she needs without paying for them at the time the services are rendered. Rather, the letter is an agreement where the medical professional agrees to delay demanding payment until the injured person is able to pursue recovery for the auto accident. A letter of protection is not a guarantee that the medical professional will be paid for his or her services. For instance, if the injured person does not obtain recovery, he or she is still obligated to repay the medical professional for the medical service rendered, and the medical professional must pursue payment as if it were any other form of debt.

How Does A Letter of Protection Help You Get Medical Treatment

When you do not have the money required to pay for medical services, either because the medical bills are simply too expensive or because your health insurance is refusing to pay, a letter of protection could provide you with the solution you need. A letter of protection will allow you to delay payment for your medical services, so that you have the time that you need to pursue a legal claim against the party or parties that harmed you, or are liable to you (i.e., third parties, insurance providers, etc.).

The letter of protection is a contract entered into and agreed upon by both you and your medical care provider, and since it is a contract, you need an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to prepare the letter of protection for you. Once accepted by your medical care provider, the letter of protection effectively serves as a lien against any lawsuit recovery or settlement that you may later be entitled to.

If you have been injured in a Las Vegas automobile accident, the lawyers at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC can assist you in preparing a letter of protection, and can help you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve from the party who caused your accident. Our team of personal injury lawyers can build a strong case in support of your personal injury claim so that you can obtain the maximum possible recovery for your injuries. Contact us at (702) 252-0055 and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with us.

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