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How Safe is Your Hotel

Las Vegas is home to almost 150,600 hotel rooms. At an average nightly cost of $111.00 per room, one would assume the hotel building and rooms are secure and safe to occupy. Unfortunately, because of the large number of people and the general openness of the buildings, crimes do occur in even the nicest of hotels. Las Vegas Review Journal reports that even burglaries of hotel rooms happen in the city. The following are some tips and tricks to avoid being a victim of hotel crime so you can enjoy your stay no matter where you are.

General Hotel Safety Guidelines

  • When checking in, ask that your name and hotel room be kept private. If the desk clerk says your room number out loud and there are people nearby, ask for a new room. Those nearby the desk who overhear the clerk could use your name and room number to gain access to your room.
  • Never invite strangers or those you have just met back to your room; further, do not give them your room number. Meet guests in the lobby.
  • Avoid rooms on the ground floor or in isolated areas of the hotel. Ground floor rooms often have sliding glass doors for easy access from outside. Asked to be placed on a higher floor and near heavily trafficked areas like the elevator.
  • Check the locks on your hotel doors and windows upon check in. Make sure each door and window can be locked from the inside and not unlocked from the outside.
  • If someone unexpected knocks at your door and announces that they are part of the hotel staff, call the front desk to verify their identity before opening the door.
  • Do not hang the “please clean room” on the outside of your hotel room door. There is no reason to alert others that you are not in the room. Call housekeeping and request the room be cleaned.


Safety Questions to Ask the Hotel Prior to Booking

Asking the following questions can help ensure your safety before checking in:

  • Is the hotel equipped with security cameras? Do they operate at all times?
  • Are criminal background checks performed on all new employees?
  • Does every room door have deadbolt locks and peep holes?
  • How many entrances are there to the hotel? Is only the main entrance kept unlocked?
  • Is there always an employee working at the front desk? Is there always a security guard on duty at the front entrance?

In order to ensure that you are booking and staying at a safe hotel, Trip Advisor has listed the top rated safest hotels in the Las Vegas area. A little research prior to your trip can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe and secure.

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