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Can I Sue My Personal Trainer for Injuring Me?

The fitness industry is booming, and personal trainers play an important role in the industry’s growth. According to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, the fitness industry reached $21.8 billion in revenue during 2012. Additionally, the Physical Activity Council Topline Report indicated that over 60% of Americans regularly participated in fitness sports in 2012. When an individual is looking to improve their strength, endurance, or overall health, a personal trainer can often provide the knowledge and encouragement necessary for the person to reach his or her fitness goals.

But using the services of a personal trainer does not mean you will not be injured. Not only can accidents occur regardless of whether you use a personal trainer, but sometimes a personal trainer can make it more likely you will suffer a serious injury. For instance, suppose you hire a personal trainer to help you increase your strength. While performing weighted exercises like squats, your trainer may encourage you to use too much weight. This can result in serious and debilitating back and neck injuries. Or your trainer may set the speed of your treadmill too high, causing you to trip and fall.
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How Your Personal Trainer Can Injure You

Our bodies are composed of intricate systems working together to accomplish the basic functions of life. When one or more of those systems are injured, the results can be catastrophic. Injuries received while working out with a personal trainer can range from minor cuts and bruises to serious, life-threatening injuries. For example:

  • Your heart and cardiovascular system can become damaged from too much exertion;
  • Your musculoskeletal system can suffer broken bones, sprains, and strains from exercises that are not performed correctly or exercises that are too difficult for your body to handle; and
  • Your neurological system can suffer damage – and cause temporary or permanent paralysis or other disabilities – if you are hit in the head with a piece of equipment or injure your neck or back.

When Personal Trainers are Liable for Injuries

Every person owes what is known as a “duty of care” to every other person. This means that people are generally expected to not cause injury to others by being reasonably careful in what they do. Personal trainers are no different – they too must act in a way that is reasonably careful and prudent when they are training people. In general, a personal trainer should:

  • Take the time to learn of any conditions or limitations his or her clients have;
  • Develop and implement a program that takes into account a client’s age, goals, and medical conditions;
  • Carefully supervise clients while they are performing exercises to ensure the exercises are being performed properly;
  • Take immediate action if the client reports he or she is in pain or is obviously struggling with an exercise; and
  • Not give advice if he or she is not qualified to do so. For example, a personal trainer should not be giving a client advice about supplements or nutrition if he or she has no training or certification to do so.

Personal trainers are human and can make mistakes. Even if your personal trainer is properly certified and follows all safety guidelines, you can still suffer an injury. But a trainer who acts in a careless or reckless manner is said to have “breached” his or her duty of care. This can result in that trainer being liable for the injuries his or her clients suffer as a result of the careless or reckless acts.

Special Considerations with Personal Trainer Injury Lawsuits

If you suffered injuries because of your personal trainer’s mistakes or due to inadequate maintenance in the gym, you need professional legal assistance to help you win your case. There may be special considerations that can affect your case. For instance, if you were injured at the gym and the personal trainer was an employee of that gym, the gym may be able to be held responsible for your injuries as well. In addition, your case may be affected negatively if you signed a contract or release with your trainer. A personal injury attorney will need to evaluate your case in light of any such agreement.

Contact Ladah Law for Help

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