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Avoiding Injuries in Casinos

Casinos are ubiquitous throughout Las Vegas and Nevada. Casinos and gambling draw millions of tourists every year to the state for patrons to partake in a brief respite from their everyday lives. To support the booming tourist industry and numerous casinos throughout the state, it requires thousands of employees working in various capacities. From casino dealers to hotel sanitation workers, the casino industry in Las Vegas brings thousands of jobs to the state.

With all of these visitors and workers in casinos, however, there is an inevitable and unfortunate downside: injuries. Every casino owner has a responsibility to visitors and the public, as well employees, to maintain the casino in a safe condition. Casino owners must warn visitors of potential dangers and take reasonable measures to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, however, too often casinos do not take the appropriate measures to maintain a safe premise. As a result, patrons and casino employees often suffer injuries.

Common Causes of Injuries Suffered by Casino Visitors

While it is impossible to prevent or eliminate the risks associated with visiting a casino, it is important that patrons recognize where and how these injuries commonly occur at casinos. Some of the most common causes of casino injuries include:

    • Slips and fall accidents from wet floors, ripped carpet, broken escalators, uneven flooring, or broken stairs or handrail;
    • Lack of adequate or failure to provide safety measures, including assaults caused by other guests or casino employees;
    • Inadequate lighting;
    • Broken casino machinery;
    • Failure of the casino to mark off dangerous areas in casino, such as areas under construction; and
    • Dangerous swimming pool areas, including slippery areas.


Common Causes of Injuries Suffered by Casino Employees

In addition to casino patrons suffering injuries at a casino, casino employees are also at risk for injuries while working. If a casino worker is injured during the course employment then the worker may be able to recover compensation for the injuries. In this regard, casino workers should also understand common causes of casino injuries in order to take appropriate measures to reduce them for occurring. Common causes of injuries include:

    • Failure of the casino to provide adequate security against attacks from casino customers;
    • Repeated movements by casino card dealers, including lifting, reaching, standing, bending;
    • Slip and fall accidents;
    • Assaults from drunk patrons;
    • Defective casino equipment; and
    • Hit by a car in casino parking lot.


Workers’ Compensation for Injured Casino Workers

If an individual is injured while working at a casino then the individual may be able to obtain compensation for one’s injuries through Nevada’s workers’ compensation program. Workers’ compensation “provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job and protection to employers who have provided coverage at the time of injury.” In order to recover compensation, the injury suffered by the employee must have occurred within the course and scope of employment and must have arisen out of the employment.

Benefits that injured employees may be entitled to include medical treatment, lost wages, permanent partial or total disability, vocational rehabilitation, and other claims-related benefits or expenses, such as mileage. Importantly, however, if the injured employee opts to receive workers’ compensation benefits then the employer is protected from any additional damages claimed by their employees as a result of an injury on the job.

Injured at a Casino? Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Today

Whether you are a customer or an employee of a casino, if you have been injured at a casino then you should contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Ladah Law Firm, PLLC employs a team of experienced Las Vega personal injury attorneys who help victims obtain compensation for injuries suffered at casinos throughout Nevada, as well as at other locations.

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