Trip & Fall Case Results

$1 million settlement for a middle age lady who tripped and fell on carpet at a roller skating rink resulting in an ankle injury

This was a trip and fall case. The Plaintiff fell while on carpet. The defendant claimed that there was no defect, seam, differential in elevation or problems with the carpet and further claimed that the Plaintiff fell due to her own negligence as a result of her problems and failure to look where she was going. The defendant destroyed the carpet shortly after Ladah Law Firm filed suit. Ramzy Ladah filed a Motion for Spoliation for the destruction of evidence, which was granted, sanctioning the Defendant. Ramzy Ladah also hired numerous engineering safety and biomechanical experts, along with doctors to discuss the nature of the incident and the severity and cause of the Plaintiff’s ankle fracture injury. After two and a half years of litigation, the Defendant settled for its insurance policy limits of $1 million. This case was rejected by another law office before the client’s hired Ladah Law Firm.

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