Head Injury From Tractor Trailer Car Collision Case Results

$1.1 million settlement for a closed head injury as a result of a tractor trailer vs. car collision (settlement was more than 12 times the client’s medical bills)

Head Injury Lawyer

This case involved a collision between a car and a tractor-trailer. The collision caused minor damage to the car but one of the Plaintiffs, a young man, hit his head on the rear window during the collision causing a closed head injury. The defense attempted to hire experts, a neuropsychologist and a neurologist, to say the young man did not suffer any type of head injury, yet Ramzy Ladah filed a Motion and had all of the Defendant’s experts stricken. The defense also tried to hide the truck driver’s driver logs, which showed a violation of the Federal Safety Regulations, and Ladah Law Firm was able to add a punitive damages claim which scared the Defendant and its insurance company. Despite felonies on the Plaintiff’s record, and the fact that he had little recognizable economic damages, due to the risk the Defendant’s settled for over $1 million. Again, the value of the case was created by Ramzy Ladah’s sharp and aggressive litigation tactics. Trucking accident cases require expertise in the federal safety regulations and other federal regulations that regulate the trucking industry and truck drivers.
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