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What Visitors To Vegas Need To Know About Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Auto Accidents in Vegas
Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that more than 45 million people visit the city each year. Your time in Las Vegas should be fun, enjoyable, and, most importantly, safe. Getting around the city in a safe manner is paramount.

There are many different ways to travel within Las Vegas. Though, for most people, at least part of their trip will involve renting a car, taking taxis, or using a ridesharing service. Unfortunately, drunk driving remains a serious public safety issue in Nevada. Here, our Las Vegas drunk driving accident attorneys highlight the most important things that visitors need to know about DUI accidents.

Drunk Driving in Las Vegas: The Scope of the Problem

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 people are killed in intoxicated driving accidents in Nevada every year. Many more innocent victims suffer severe injuries. This is disheartening because all DUI accidents are fundamentally avoidable—especially in a city like Las Vegas where you can always take a taxi cab, Uber, Lyft, or another form of public transportation.

If you are visiting Las Vegas, remember that drunk driving is not something confined to very late at night. You should always keep your eyes open for intoxicated driving. One of the major issues here is the Las Vegas is truly a twenty four/seven city. As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada has an unusually high number of DUI accidents that occur during “Brunch Hours”—between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Drunk Driving Accidents Impact Many Innocent People

Drunk driving accidents affect many people. Certainly, the people who are at the highest level of risk are in the vehicle being operated by an intoxicated motorist. A drunk driver is putting the health and safety of themselves and their passengers at serious risk. Of course, other people who are wholly unrelated to the drunk driver are also at serious risk as well, including occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians. Notably, nearly one in every seven deadly pedestrian crashes involve drunk drivers.

If you spot a driver that you believe is drunk or high, or that may also be drowsy, the best thing you can do is to give them as much space to operate as possible. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Do your best to stay away from drivers that are operating their vehicle in an erratic or otherwise reckless manner—and of course, never get into the car with a drunk driver.

Drunk Driving is Negligent Driving

Nevada is a fault-based auto insurance jurisdiction. The party who causes an accident should be held to account for the damages. By definition, drunk driving is negligent driving. When a drunk driver causes an accident, they must be held legally liable for the resulting injuries.

In most cases, criminal charges will be filed against the intoxicated driver who was responsible for the crash—though, there are some exceptions to that general rule. You can still pursue a civil claim against the drunk driver who caused your accident even if the charges against them were dropped, dismissed, or never filed in the first place. Some of the relevant evidence that can be used to prove fault in a DUI accident claim includes:
drunk driving arrest

  • The police report;
  • An arrest (DUI charge);
  • A criminal conviction;
  • Evidence used in a criminal trial;
  • Eyewitness statements;
  • Third party expert testimony;
  • Toxicology reports; and
  • Photographs.

For many different reasons, dealing with serious injuries can be more challenging for people who were hurt while visiting a different city. Through a drunk driving accident claim, injured victims can seek full and fair financial compensation for their damages. Nevada law allows plaintiffs in DUI accident claims to recover for both monetary losses and intangible damages. You should be compensated for your emergency medical bills, other medical costs and rehabilitative care, lost wages, pain and suffering, disfiguring injuries, and other losses. Finally, you may also be entitled to recover punitive damages in a drunk driving or drugged driving accident case.

Injured in a DUI Accident While Visiting Las Vegas—You Need a Local Attorney

If you are injured while visiting another city—whether in a drunk driving crash or any other type of accident—you should seek guidance from a local attorney. A lawyer who is in Las Vegas will best be able to handle your case. Most personal injury claims, including DUI accident cases, are brought under state law. You need a lawyer who is familiar with the relevant rules and regulations in Las Vegas and who is licensed to practice law in the state of Nevada.

By hiring a local DUI accident lawyer, you will have someone on the ground who can effectively investigate the accident, secure evidence, build a case, and advocate for your legal rights. This is especially important if you need to return home and will be seeking any required ongoing medical care and physical therapy in another location. You certainly do not have to stay in Nevada while your claim is being processed. Your Las Vegas DUI accident attorney will be able to protect your rights and help you get justice and the full financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Contact Our Las Vegas, NV DUI Accident Attorneys Right Away

At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, our Nevada personal injury lawyers have the skills and experience needed to handle all types of drunk driving accident claims. We fight aggressively for justice. If you or your loved one was injured in a crash with an intoxicated driver while visiting Las Vegas, we are ready to offer help.

To set up a free, completely private initial case evaluation, please do not hesitate to contact us today. From our office location in Las Vegas, we represent injured DUI accident victims throughout Clark County and Southern Nevada, including in North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Paradise, Henderson, and Enterprise.