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What Nevada’s Recent Uber Ruling Means for You

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Issues Uber Faced in Nevada
The Ruling
If You are Injured in an Uber Accident


Uber is coming to Nevada! One of America’s fastest-growing rideshare companies will be available to drivers and passengers in Nevada starting as soon as July 1st, making it the 46th state to open its marketplace to Uber.

This ruling comes after months of legal dispute. Despite offering rides for a fee, much like a traditional taxi or limousine service, Uber matches drivers with individuals who need rides. Drivers are not Uber employees and do not have to carry the same certifications and insurance policies that cab drivers must carry, raising questions about how to classify the service and who is negligent when an Uber car is involved in an accident.

If you are involved in any car accident, even a Las Vegas taxi accident, regardless of whether you were driving, riding as a passenger, or riding in an Uber car, contact a Vegas car accident attorney at the Ladah Law Firm to discuss your eligibility to file a claim for monetary compensation 702-252-0055.

Issues Uber Faced in Nevada

In November 2014, Uber had to suspend its operation in Nevada after a district court ruled that the company violated state law by failing to file a certificate of public convenience and necessity. Every transportation company that wishes to operate in Nevada must furnish this document in order to operate.

This led to the long legal battle that was not resolved until May 2015. Uber’s representatives argued that Uber is more of a technology platform than a transportation company, thus excusing it from having to comply with the state’s regulations for transportation companies.

The Ruling

In a poll of Las Vegas residents, 75% supported Uber’s operation in their city and state. Las Vegas is home to one of the largest, most powerful taxi lobbies in the United States, which worked to keep Uber and similar companies like Lyft from operating in the city.

In March, the state legislature introduced bills that would allow Uber to operate in Nevada. After going over the revenue that Uber would bring and ways to allow it to integrate into Las Vegas’ transportation market, the state senate ruled to allow the technology-driven service to resume its operation in the Silver State. A 3% excise tax is applied to all cars for hire, including all Uber and Lyft vehicles as well as traditional taxi cabs. By current projections, this tax would bring in $19 million in revenue for the state.

If You are Injured in an Uber Accident

Uber drivers use their own automobile insurance, rather than commercial driver’s insurance. This is one of the key differences between Uber drivers and traditional taxi drivers. Without commercial driver’s insurance, you might not be able to recover as much compensation for your injury in the event of an accident. In some cases, victims have even been denied compensation because they were injured while the driver was driving for profit.

Talk to your attorney about all the possibilities regarding liability and your ability to collect monetary compensation if you are injured in an Uber accident. He or she will be able to help you determine these and guide you toward the most productive solution for your case.

You need to work with an attorney who has experience handling this type of case. Call the Ladah Law Firm at 702-252-0055 at any time to speak with a representative of our firm. We can help you with your Uber case and represent your claim as you seek monetary compensation for your injury. Do not be discouraged or feel like you do not have a claim because of your accident’s circumstances – let us determine if you have a claim and if so, the best way to pursue it.

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