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Unusual Methods for Recovering after a Traffic Accident

Unusal Recover Method After Accident

Car accidents can leave people with serious injuries that can often prove challenging to cope with. While many people are happy relying on conventional medicine to deal with these car accident injuries, others turn to more unique options. Although the data backing up these different sorts of therapies is not enough to convince everyone, each one has devoted adherents who swear by its benefits


This list starts off with one of its more well-known members, acupuncture. Although the name may bring to mind an array of needles, acupuncture is actually about stimulating specific regions of a patient’s body to try to achieve therapeutic results. While many practitioners do use needles, there are some variants that use electrical stimulation. The results of studies are mixed as far as the actual efficacy of acupuncture, but there is at least some evidence that people can successfully use acupuncture to help manage chronic pain, a common problem follow traffic accidents.

Cryogenic Chamber Therapy

Cryogenic chamber therapy may call to mind images of frozen patients waiting for medical science to advance while time passes them by, but this new form of therapy actual involves a much shorter duration. Patients are placed into a room that looks like a glass-standing shower or an infrared sauna, and the temperature in the chamber drops sharply down to -150 to -200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the patient only spends a few minutes in the chamber at most, so their actual skin temperature does not decrease quite as sharply. Benefits of cryogenic chamber therapy for car accident victims can include lasting pain relief as well as the suppression of inflammation from their injuries.


Hirudotherapy is a bit of a euphemistic name for the use of leeches in medical treatment. While many people think that leeches stopped being used in medicine hundreds of years ago, patients seeking conventional treatment for their injuries actually may find hirudotherapy offered to them. However, the leeches are not used like they were in the past to “let out the bad blood.” Instead, leeches produce a chemical that acts as a powerful blood thinner, which can help keep blood flowing to new tissue if patients need skin grafts or need to have their extremities reattached following an accident.


Aromatherapy is a more controversial form of treatment that purports to produce a variety of beneficial therapeutic effects from various plant materials, such as plants’ aromatic essential oils. Patients undergoing aromatherapy treatment tend to either take these oils by inhaling them or having them applied topically to their skin. While the research is inconclusive, aromatherapy practitioners believe that these oils can help with a variety of post-accident conditions including preventing infections, reducing swelling and inflammation from injuries, managing the pain from the injuries and reducing the stress and emotional trauma that can often follow a car accident.

While these treatments may be helpful to some, it can also be beneficial to seek out conventional medicine. If you have been injured in an accident and want to learn more about your legal rights, contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today.

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