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Top 10 Things You Might Not Have Considered Doing In Vegas

According to reporting the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas Strip is now the world’s single most visited tourist attraction. The Strip beats out the Eiffel Tower in France and Times Square in New York City, which are ranked in second and third place respectively. Each year, nearly 40 million visitors come to the Strip. While tourists love many of the most well known attractions on the Strip, such as the Fountains at the Bellagio, there are also many amazing, but lesser known, attractions all throughout the Las Vegas region.

1. Visit Downtown Las Vegas: While most people are familiar with the Las Vegas Strip, many visitors are unaware that downtown Las Vegas is in an entirely separate location. This is where the city’s casinos got their start, and today, downtown is once again on the rise.

2. Attend a Convention: Las Vegas is home to a wide variety of conventions. It is always a good idea to see what is in town when you are visiting. Area conventions include everything from the world famous Consumer Electronics Show to niche events like the annual Star Trek Convention.

3. See the sharks at Mandalay Bay: The Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium has one of North America’s largest tanks. At any time, there are as many as 15 different shark species swimming in the aquarium.

4. Swim with the dolphins: If you want to not only see marine life, but also to actually get in the water, you can swim with the dolphins at The Mirage.

5. Go to the Lion Habitat Ranch: If land animals are more your style, the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson, Nevada might be the perfect spot to take your family.

6. Play with heavy equipment: Dig This Las Vegas is essentially a giant sandbox for adults. You can driver bulldozers, excavators and many other giant machines in their industrial equipment playground. As with any other activity, it is important that are extremely careful when using heavy industrial equipment, you must avoid a personal injury.

7. Play vintage pinball: The city also offers more relaxed forms of entertainment, such as the Las Vegas Pinball Museum. Customers can play with decades worth of famous pinball machines.

8. Enjoy motorsports at Las Vegas Motor Speedway: At Las Vegas Speedway, events occur year round. You may even be able to get behind the wheel of a car yourself. It should be noted that the racetrack is a little ways away from the Strip. Most people reach it by car. Whenever you are driving it is critical that you stay safe, the last thing you want is an accident that could really ruin your vacation. Help prevent getting injured by staying safe on the way there, as well as once you get to the track.

9. View the night sky: One of the benefits of being located in the desert is the clarity of the night sky. If you get away from the lights of the city, the view of the stars can be truly breathtaking. However, you can avoid injury by bringing a flashlight in case you need it.

10. Visit Lake Mead: Finally, if you really want to enjoy the outdoors on your trip to Las Vegas, you should head over to Lake Mead for the day. The Lake Mead National Recreational Area is only 40 minutes from Downtown.

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