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Rented Scooter & Bike Accidents—Know What to Do

Rental Bikes
Rental scooters and bicycles have taken the nation by storm. Ten years ago, a person had to buy and then maintain their own scooter or bike, which was often unrealistic. Today, in most cities, a person can pick up a scooter or bicycle, use an app to make payment, and then be on their way.

Like other cities, Las Vegas has its fair share of rental bicycles and scooters on the roads and sidewalks. They are very helpful for commuters, who might only need to travel a short distance before catching a bus. Visitors to the city also find them helpful when out sightseeing.

Unfortunately, with the rise of rental scooters and bikes comes the rise of accidents. Many people can suffer serious injuries in accidents and must visit the hospital for treatment. If you have been involved in an accident, knowing when to call a lawyer is critical. At Ladah Law, we offer a free, no-risk consultation to help you understand your options.

What Causes Scooter and Bicycle Accidents?

A person can be injured while riding on a scooter or bicycle or while walking as a pedestrian and getting struck by someone on a scooter or bike. Some of the more common accidents involve:

  • Motorists who strike bicycles or scooters. A motorist might not be paying attention and slam into a person riding nearby. Accidents increase if the person on the bicycle or scooter is riding in the road.
  • Accidents caused by a defect in the scooter or bicycle. These pieces of equipment should work as expected when you rent one. There are many things that can go wrong, and defects can cause a rider to lose control.
  • Both the rider and pedestrians can be injured when a bicycle or scooter is defective.
  • Hazardous road conditions. Defects like potholes are more dangerous for those on bicycles and scooters than they are for people driving passenger sedans. A pothole can disrupt a rider, causing a crash.
  • Pedestrians injured by careless operators. There is no guarantee that the person who rents a scooter or bicycle will be careful. Instead, they could slam into pedestrians due to negligence, such as weaving in and out of foot traffic or not paying attention to where they are going because they are too busy taking in the sights.

What are Common Injuries?

Scooter and bicycle accidents can cause many of the same injuries as car accidents—broken bones, soft-tissue injuries, back injuries, and head injuries. The severity of the injury depends on many factors, including whether a person was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.
A large study performed by the Centers for Disease Control found about half of injuries on electric scooters involved head injuries. Few people wore a helmet when renting a scooter because helmets are bulky and difficult to carry. Also, few rental companies provide a helmet when a person rents a scooter. The same is probably true for those who rent bicycles in Las Vegas.

What Should You Do after an Accident?

Accident on Rented Bike
Regardless of how the accident unfolded, you should take certain steps. As experienced Las Vegas lawyers, we recommend the following:

  • Get immediate medical attention, especially if your injuries are severe. You can call an ambulance yourself or ask someone else to. If your injuries are not immediately serious, then you can wait a little bit as you collect evidence at the scene of the collision.
  • Take pictures of any vehicles involved in the crash. These pictures can establish the seriousness of the accident, as well as who is to blame.
  • If you suspect that the bicycle or scooter was defective, then make sure you have the serial number for it. Your attorney will probably want to inspect the bike or scooter to check for any defective parts.
    Get the names and contact information for anyone involved in the accident.
  • You should also contact the rental company and report the accident. They need to know if you believe the bicycle/scooter was defective. They also need to preserve the bike and make it available later, since it could prove central to a lawsuit.

As always, remember to hire an attorney. A lawyer will be in close contact with the rental company to preserve critical evidence for your case. Many injured victims feel overwhelmed, so getting a seasoned advocate in your corner can help strengthen your case and protect your rights.

Can You Receive Compensation after an Accident?

Whether you can receive money for the accident will depend on who is responsible for the bike sharing wreck or scooter crash. For example:< If a motorist is to blame, then victims can make a claim on the driver’s insurance policy. Nevada requires that drivers carry bodily injury liability insurance, which you can tap if the driver is at fault for the collision. These benefits can pay for medical care and lost wages. If the bicycle or scooter is defective, then you might have a valid claim against the rental company. They should not rent anything to the public that is defective. If they do, they could be on the hook for compensation. Some accidents are also caused by road or sidewalk defects. The city is responsible for keeping public areas in safe condition. When they let defects exist for a long time, victims can sue the city for compensation. The hardest cases involve pedestrians who are injured by a negligent person riding a bicycle or scooter. People do not need to buy insurance before renting either of these vehicles, so there are often no readily available funds to pay a settlement. However, you might be able to bring a lawsuit against the operator personally. If successful, you are tasked with trying to get the judgment paid for. It is best to meet with an attorney to discuss your options. The sooner you start, the better your chances of receiving compensation.

Ladah Law is Here to Help

Scooter and bicycle accidents raise many questions about liability and the possibility of receiving full compensation for your injuries. A lawyer can make the difference between receiving something for your injuries and receiving nothing at all.

Ladah Law Firm has represented injured victims for decades and recovered over $100 million in compensation. Our team has the collective experience and skills to negotiate a favorable settlement or to pursue a lawsuit in court. Call us at 702-252-0055 to talk about your case.