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Latest Advancements in Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Latest Advancements in Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Medical science and technology are almost always advancing. For those who have suffered debilitating spinal cord injuries, the newest treatments for spinal cord injury and paralysis have yielded some amazing results.

Providing People with the Potential to Walk Again Using Electrical Stimulators

2015 saw the advent of electrical stimulators being placed in the spines of patients whose ability to walk, stand, or move their legs had been lost in a spinal cord injury accident. The electrical stimulators, which are attached to the spine surgically, have proven to have amazing potential. After being paralyzed for five years following a tragic car accident, Dustin Shillcox told CNN News that he was able to stand for more than 30 minutes, an act that is impossible for most individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury. While none of the patients who underwent the surgery are yet able to walk, the future looks hopeful; sexual function and bladder control has been restored to the patients, and as they gain muscle and mobility, walking again one day is certainly possible.

E-Dura Implants: A Medical Breakthrough

A problem with implant technology into the spinal cord is that the implants, which are designed to aid with movement by stimulating the spinal cord, can lead to inflammation of the spinal cord—and even spinal cord damage—over time. However, a medical breakthrough known as e-Dura implants, created by Swiss researchers, may solve that issue. The implants, according to an article in engadget, are made from flexible electrodes that can mimic the spine’s movements and avoid too much friction simultaneously, preventing the potential damage that’s associated with other spinal implants.

Exoskeletons for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Another medical advancement that is gaining traction are exoskeletons. While these medical devices may look like something from the future, the bionic legs—resembling an Iron man-like suit—are providing people with the ability to get up and move. While the exoskeletons are currently extremely expensive and not yet available for consumer use, some physical therapists around the country have access to them, and are using them to help patients regain strength and combat the adverse effects associated with being sedentary.

Paying for Your Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

When you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you deserve the best treatment available. At the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys can help you to recover the money that you need to pay for your expensive medical bills, treatment, and more. To request a free case consultation, call our experienced Las Vegas spinal cord injury attorneys today at 702-252-0055.

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