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Las Vegas bus accident results in several people getting injured

Las Vegas Bus Accident Results In Several People Getting Injured
On behalf of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC posted in Bus Accidents on Wednesday, March 27, 2013.
One type of motor vehicle accident that sometimes occurs are bus accidents. Such accidents can be very harmful. Last weekend, a bus accident occurred in Nevada in which several people were hurt.
The crash happened in Las Vegas last Saturday. Early that afternoon, a bus was going along Sahara Avenue. A collision then occurred between the bus and another motor vehicle. The article on KLAS-TV’s website which reported this story did not have any details regarding the nature or cause of this collision. The article also did not mention if any charges have been or are expected to be brought in connection to the accident.
This motor vehicle collision caused eight individuals who were on the bus to suffer injuries. These individuals were taken to a hospital after the accident. According to the KLAS-TV article mentioned above, the injuries these individuals suffered are non-life-threatening in nature.
As this motor vehicle crash shows, bus accidents can result in individuals getting injured. Injuries suffered in a bus accident can be very impactful on an individual.
Given how harmful bus accidents can be, one hopes that all bus drivers and all bus companies make sure to not engage in conduct which could cause such accidents to occur.
When a person is injured in a bus accident which was caused by negligence by a bus driver or another party, there are options available to the injured person to seek relief. One such option is to pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent party/parties.
Source: KLAS-TV, “8 Injured in RTC Bus Accident,” Clayton Holloway, March 23, 2013
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