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In a Not at Fault Accident in a Rental Car? Here’s What You Can Do.

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Las Vegas is one of the top global destinations for visitors. According to data from Forbes, Vegas is the 6th most visited U.S. city for international travellers and the 3rd most visited city for domestic travellers. Whether you are visiting Las Vegas or you simply need access to a vehicle for a short time, you may consider renting a car. There are many options available throughout the region. You can access all the car rentals in Vegas through our map.

While getting into an accident is always stressful, it can be particularly so if you are in a rental vehicle. Following a crash in a rental car, you need to know how to protect your health, well-being, and legal rights—especially if you were not at fault for the collision. In this article, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys explain the key things to know about what you should do if you were involved in a rental vehicle collision that was not your fault.

Nevada is a Fault-Based Car Accident State

As a starting point, it is important to understand why fault matters in a motor vehicle accident claim in Las Vegas. Similar to most U.S. jurisdictions, Nevada is an “at fault” car accident state. The party deemed responsible for causing a car accident is liable for the resulting damages. As all motorists are required to carry minimum mandatory liability coverage in Nevada, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy will bear responsibility for an accident. Other parties, including commercial trucking companies and highway maintenance companies, could also be held liable for a crash. Under Nevada law (NRS § 41.141), car accident liability is determined under a comparative fault standard. Each party to a collision is liable for their proportionate share of the blame.

As an example, imagine that you were involved in a crash while in a rental vehicle in Las Vegas. The crash was caused by a distracted driver. In total, you sustained $30,000 in damages in the accident. If the other driver was found at fault for 100 percent of the accident, you could hold them liable for 100 percent of your damages ($30,000). However, if you were found partially liable for your own crash—perhaps because you were cited for speeding at the time of the wreck—your financial recovery will be reduced proportionately to your level of fault. If you were found 10 percent at fault for your accident, your recovery could be reduced by 10 percent—down to $27,000 from $30,000. Every percentage point of fault for a rental car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada matters.

Not at Fault for a Rental Car Accident? Five Tips for Drivers in Nevada

If you were driving a rental car and you were involved in a crash, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights. It is even more important that you take proactive measures to protect yourself if the accident was serious and it was not your fault. Here is what you need to do after a rental vehicle accident that was not your fault in Nevada:

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention for Any Injuries:

First and foremost, you need to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries. As so many common motor vehicle accident injuries occur with a delayed onset, you may be far more seriously injured than you initially think. Beyond that, you will not be in a position to recover full financial compensation for your rental car accident unless you see a doctor.

2. Report the Collision to State or Local Law Enforcement:

In Nevada, all crashes that result in physical injuries or significant property damage must be reported to state or local law enforcement. If a rental car accident was not your fault, it is crucial that you report the collision to the police. An officer should be dispatched to the site of the collision to draft a report.

3. Document the Accident—Take Photographs:

Even when it is seemingly obvious to everyone involved, fault for an accident can still be disputed. Do not take any chances. Carefully document your rental car accident. Take extensive photographs, secure contact information for witnesses, and gather any other relevant information.

4. Notify All Parties that a Crash has Occurred:

You have an obligation to notify all implicated parties that an accident has occurred. You should tell the rental car company and any insurance carrier that you were involved in a wreck. You do not need all of the details to report the accident.

5. Consult With a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer:

Rental car companies and large insurance companies are not on your side. They have their own financial interests in mind. To protect your rights after a rental car accident that was not your fault, schedule a free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas auto accident attorney. Your lawyer will protect your financial interests.

Rental Vehicle Accident Can Create Complex Insurance Claims

In many ways, rental vehicle accidents are similar to other types of crashes. You still need to seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries, the collision should still be reported to the police, and Nevada comparative negligence standard still applies. At the same time, there are some reasons why rental vehicle collisions are also different from other types of car accidents. Most notably, rental vehicle collisions can create some highly complex insurance situations.

Many drivers have questions about the amount of needed rental insurance when they rent a car. In Nevada, all motorists, including rental car drivers, must have minimum mandatory auto insurance liability coverage. You can obtain insurance coverage directly from the rental car company—though in some cases, you may have better options available through your personal automobile insurance, your homeowner’s insurance, or even your credit card company.

One of the primary challenges of dealing with the aftermath of a rental vehicle collision is figuring out how to handle all of the insurance companies. If you were injured in a serious rental car crash that was not your fault, you need an experienced Las Vegas, NV auto accident attorney. You do not have to go up against insurance companies—whether it is your own policy or another party’s insurance carrier—all on your own. A lawyer will protect your rights.

You Deserve Full and Fair Financial Compensation After a Rental Vehicle Crash

financial compensation from rental car crash
Following a serious rental vehicle collision in Clark County, you need money to pay your bills and support yourself. The at-fault driver (or other at-fault party) can be held legally liable for the full extent of your losses, including for certain non-economic damages. Sadly, the big insurance carriers that process most auto accident claims do not make the claims process easy. At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas rental car accident attorneys have what it takes to help victims maximize their settlement or verdict. You may be eligible to recover financial compensation for:

  • Property damage;
  • The cost of a replacement rental car;
  • Emergency medical treatment;
  • Other medical bills;
  • Ongoing rehabilitative care;
  • Loss of current and future wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Scarring or physical disfigurement;
  • Long-term disability; and
  • Wrongful death.

Why Rely On Ladah Law Firm After a Rental Car Accident in Las Vegas

Rental car accident claims are especially complex. When you get into a traffic collision in a rental vehicle, you have to deal with all of the stress and hassle of a car accident plus some additional complexities. At Ladah Law Firm, we have the skills and experience to help you navigate the claims process. Among other things, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys will:

  • Conduct a no cost, confidential review of your legal case;
  • Answer questions and explain your options;
  • Gather all of the evidence you need to prove that you were not at fault;
  • Carefully document you damages—so that you can recover compensation;
  • Represent you before all insurance companies; and
  • Take whatever legal action is needed to achieve the best outcome.

We are a results-focused car accident and personal injury law firm. Our Las Vegas attorneys have secured more than $200 million for victims and their families. You can trust our top-rated Nevada rental car accident attorneys to handle your claim the right way. As we represent rental car crash victims on contingency, our clients pay nothing until we help them secure financial compensation.

Contact Our Las Vegas, NV Auto Accident Lawyers for Immediate Legal Help

At Ladah Law Firm, our Las Vegas car crash attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to protect your rights after a serious collision. Do not go up against large insurance companies all alone. If you were involved in a collision that was not your fault while driving a rental vehicle, we are here to help. Give us a phone call at 702-252-0055 or connect with our legal team online for a free, no obligation initial consultation. From our law office in Las Vegas, we handle rental car accident claims in Clark County and throughout all of Southern Nevada.