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How to Avoid Las Vegas Strip Incidents

The Strip is an iconic destination for millions, prominently featured in such famous movies as The Hangover. But safety is always a concern, for visitors as well as long time residents. If you’re headed to the Strip, there are certain steps you should take to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Las Vegas strip
Below, our personal injury lawyers offer what you need to know about driving around Vegas and how to keep safe generally.

Travel in Groups

There is safety in numbers. Although some people like to strike out on their own, we recommend that people travel in a group. If you decide to travel from casino to casino, remember to check that everyone is in your group before leaving. It is quite easy for people to get separated from the group. Ideally, everyone will have a cell phone so they can call each other if they get lost.

Avoid Alleys

Walking on the Strip itself is generally quite safe. There is a strong police presence and masses of people. However, stay out of dark alleys or anywhere that looks deserted. You are much less safe there.

If you get lost, call 9-1-1 or your hotel and ask for directions. You should also flag down a cab or Uber which can get you where you need to be.

Protect Your Purse and Wallet

Petty theft can be a problem on the Strip, so remember to protect your belongings. We recommend the following:

  • Don’t leave the hotel with more than what you need for the day. By this we mean, don’t take every credit card you own and all the cash you have with you when you go out. If you get robbed, you’ll lose everything. Store valuables (including cash) in a hotel safe and only use what you will need.
  • Put wallets in your front pocket. If you wear a shirt with a front pocket, you can keep your wallet there. Pickpockets tend to target people who carry their wallets in the back.
  • Remember to sling a purse so that it crosses your body. This makes it harder to pull off.
  • Never put the purse on the floor when gambling. You can keep it in your lap or, even better, never take it off even inside the casino. Thieves are constantly casing the casinos and looking to rob someone.
  • Consider a fanny pack. Though not stylish, they can easily be hidden under your shirt.
    If you are robbed, remember to call the police immediately and report stolen credit and debit cards to the appropriate bank.

Cross the Street Carefully

The Strip is congested at almost all hours of the night. There really is no “rush hour” here—all 24 hours are rush hour. You don’t want to get struck by a vehicle, so you must exercise extreme caution.

Only cross at designated places. You might be tempted to jaywalk, especially if traffic is at a standstill. However, cars might suddenly start moving again, and drivers are not prepared for pedestrians to show up suddenly in front of them.

Always look both ways before crossing. Traffic can come from anywhere, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have very young children, pick them up and carry them across the street in your harms. This helps you get to the other side quickly and safely. Of course, don’t pick up your child if they are too heavy, since you don’t want to fall.

Avoid Driving on The Strip

Las Vegas Strip
There are many options for getting up and down the Strip without having to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you are not an experienced driver, we recommend taking public transportation. There are many options, including free monorail or a shuttle provided by your hotel.

Taking a taxi or Uber/Lyft are other great options for those just stopping by the Strip. They can take you wherever you want to go, including back to your hotel, for a reasonable fee.

Focus on Driving

If you do choose to drive, remember to put away anything that might distract you, such as your cell phone or GPS. Helpfully, the Strip is straight, so you won’t need to hold your GPS to figure out where you are going.

Avoid all other distractions, too, including eating, drinking coffee, arguing with your spouse, trying to get the dog settled, etc. Keep your eyes on the road and be prepared to stop on a dime, if necessary. There is so much going on that driving requires your undivided attention.

Follow the Rules of the Road

People in Vegas are not the best drivers, so prepare for someone to scoot into your lane without using a turn signal or to cut you off. For these reasons, we recommend that people always go the speed limit, which shouldn’t be a problem if traffic is congested. Leave a cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Buckle Up

Nevada law requires that all motorists buckle up or use a child safety seat. Violations can result in tickets, but the real danger is that you will be involved in a crash when not wearing your seatbelt. People can suffer devastating injuries in a wreck, and seat belts reduce the odds of death substantially. Always buckle up and tell all passengers to do so as well.

Watch Your Drinks

Young women need to be careful when out on the town. There are predators in Vegas, just as there are in every American city. Vegas is a great place for a bachelorette party or spring break, but young women should be very careful about the men they run into.

If you are at a bar, don’t accept drinks from strangers. Also watch your drink. Someone could slip a date rape drug into it when you aren’t looking and then take advantage of you. Ideally, you won’t drink at all so that you can remain in full control of your faculties while out on the town. If you want to drink, then do it in your hotel room with the door locked.

Report Suspicious or Criminal Behavior

You can protect other people by reporting any criminal activity in the area. If you see someone rob, attack, or threaten another person, report it immediately. There are always police on the Strip, so you might even see an officer in person.

You can also report any incident to a hotel or casino on the Strip. They have a strong incentive to keep the Strip as safe as possible so that tourists continue to flock here. They will immediately contact police or have their own security to handle the issue.

Be Careful when Going Off the Strip

Vegas has a higher-than-normal crime rate. The Strip and areas like Fremont Street are typically safe, but other areas are not. Talk to your hotel concierge if you are curious about other places to visit in the city. They can give you tips on how to get there safely or tell you whether to avoid the area at all costs.

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