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How Can I Keep My Kids Safe At The Hotel Pool?

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Practicing Pool Safety

Nearly every swimming pool has posted safety guidelines for guests. These guidelines outline general safety tips as well as specific rules for that pool, such as a caution against diving if the pool is not deep enough to accommodate a dive or a caution about the lack of a lifeguard. Before using a swimming pool, you should always read the posted rules and discuss them with any children in your care.

Below are a few of the potential dangers that you could encounter at a swimming pool and ways you can reduce your chance of being injured at the pool. If you are injured at a swimming pool because of another party’s negligence, consider filing a personal injury claim to seek monetary compensation for your damages.

Dangers of Accidents Around Swimming Pools

At any swimming pool, the following dangers are present:

Safety Steps to Take at the Pool – Swimming Pool Accident Prevention

Injuries are more likely to occur if you do not take safety precautions at the pool. Although there is no way to guarantee that an accident will not occur, there are ways to minimize your risk of being injured in a pool accident.

Safety steps to take when you are using a swimming pool include:

  • Read all posted safety guidelines and explain them to any children in your care;
  • Supervise children at all times, even children who are strong swimmers or those who have flotation devices;
  • Do not enter the pool if you have an open cut or wound;
  • Do not run around a pool;
  • Do not dive unless the pool is at least nine feet deep;
  • If the pool is outdoor, do not swim during a thunderstorm; and
  • If any of the equipment in or around the pool is broken, do not use it.

Have a first aid kit handy at all times to address any minor injuries that occur in or around the pool. In the event of a more substantial injury, seek medical attention.

When an Injury Occurs in the Pool, Work with an Experienced Pool Accident Lawyer

When an injury occurs at the pool, the owner of the pool or the property manager charged with maintaining it may be liable for your damages. To learn more about your rights and options regarding a personal injury claim, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.