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The Most Dangerous Intersections In Sin City

Dangerous intersections are brewing pots for car accidents. Every city has some really well known hot spots. In Las Vegas, there are at least 15 hazardous areas, and motorists should take notice.

The interesting sightings of Las Vegas provoke many car collisions. When everything is sprinkled with glitter, gawking becomes a regular pastime for those moving through the city. Whether it is the roller coaster at New York-New York or the towering needle at the Stratosphere, it is difficult for one to tilt a head toward anything but the blinking sky.

Tropicana Avenue

According to the numbers, Tropicana Avenue holds seven of the 15 most dangerous crossings. Metro Police note that the hazardous intersections on this infamous street have caused the most injury collisions in the Las Vegas Valley for the first part of 2013.

The crossings stretch from Decatur Boulevard all the way to Pecos Road in the east. Many of the hot spots surround the Strip. Also, several intersections with a high number of collisions are located in the central valley, and a few more points are positioned in the northeast and southeast valleys.

Some of these intersections have been considered perilous for years. For example, the following locations were deemed “dangerous” in 2010:

  • Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue
  • Lamb and Charleston boulevards
  • Koval Lane and Tropicana Avenue
  • Paradise Road and Tropicana Avenue

These intersections are treacherous for those who are distracted easily.

The good news is that accident numbers have recently decreased. This year, the Las Vegas Sun reports that car accidents went down by 7.5 percent in Las Vegas. Moreover, traffic deaths, hit-and-run accidents and injury crashes have gone down – 10.5 percent, 5 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively.

While it is difficult to steer eyes away from the flashing attractions, it is a good idea. Motorists should enjoy the scenery of Las Vegas after completing the duty of driving. However, with the city constantly expending into bigger, better and brighter things, it may be hard for motorists with a wandering eye to keep their poker face.

If you have been injured by an inattentive motorist, you should look into your potential legal remedies. While Sin City is a place where patrons may lose inhibitions, the city mandates that motorists stay safe on the roads. To learn more about your rights after a motor vehicle accident, take the time to speak with a qualified personal injury law attorney in the area. A legal professional can help you deal with your accident.

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