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Top 5 Signs You Might Need an X-Ray after a Car Accident

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Some of the most common injuries that arise after a car accident are broken bones as a result of the impact and physical trauma of the accident. However, diagnosing a broken bone is not always a simple matter. Usually, the easiest way to discover a broken bone is through the use of an X-ray, which can reveal both full breaks and smaller fractures. Yet, many people do not know the signs and symptoms of broken bones, so they are not sure whether to have an X-ray taken. If you suspect you have broken bones from an accident seek immidiate medical attention. After seeking medical attention, get in touch with an attorey to discuss your options for compensation: 702-252-0055. Here are five signs that a car accident injury may require an X-ray.

Obvious Deformity

One of the biggest signs that a car accident may have left someone with a broken bone is any obvious deformity in a person’s limb or bone structure. At their worst, these deformities can actually push bone through the skin, making the break obvious, but less serious breaks will not show so clearly. An arm, leg or other body part bending in a direction that it is not supposed to is a strong sign of a potential broken bone.

Severe Bruising

Another potential sign of a broken bone is severe bruising and tenderness across the area above the break. This sign can be especially useful for spotting potential breaks in areas like ribs, where the deformities described above are going to be more difficult to spot. However, it is also important to remember that bruising can result from a variety of types of tissue damage, so it may not be as strong an indicator of a broken bone.


Swelling is another possible clue that a bone may have broken beneath the skin. Broken bones often cause damage to the surrounding tissues, which can result in fluid leaking out. Other tissue can then soak up that fluid, leading to swelling. As with the bruising described above though, there are a variety of other potential injuries that could give rise to swelling without a bone being broken.

Loss of Limb Function

Another sign that a person might need an X-ray after a traffic accident is if they have lost some or all of the use of an injured extremity. People may find broken limbs completely non-responsive or just difficult to move depending. Additionally, it is important to note that there are different guidelines for different body parts about how much loss of function should be a concern.

Grating and Grinding

A final sign of a possible broken bone is a the feeling of grating or grinding beneath the skin, a medical condition known as crepitus. Crepitus has been likened to the feeling of walking on gravel, and is a possible sign that a person’s bones are not properly aligned or that some sort of fracture is interfering with the function of a joint.

Broken bones are just one of many injuries that a person can suffer after being in a car crash. If you have been injured by a careless driver and have questions about your legal rights, contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney today. The Ladah Law Firm, PLLC is available at 702-252-0055 to answer any questions you may have.

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