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Can a TBI Make You Smarter? And Other Unexpected Outcomes of Brain Injuries

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The vast majority of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have negative—if not devastating—effects on the affected person. From impaired cognitive function to challenged memory, a TBI is something that no one wants to acquire. In rare cases, however, the effects of a TBI may be more positive than they are negative. The following considers some unique stories and examples of episodes when a blow to the head has had unexpected outcomes.

Unlocking Artistic, Musical, or Mathematical Abilities

Sometimes, when a person hits their head, it unlocks a skill or ability that the person did not previously possess. When this happens, the person is called an acquired savant. While acquired savants are not common (and make up less than 10 percent of all the savants in the world), there are multiple examples of them throughout history.

An article in The Atlantic highlights a number of individuals who have suffered a brain injury only to become “smarter.” Orlando Serrell, whose head was struck with a baseball bat at age 10, had an uncanny ability to remember the weather for every day following his accident. Or consider Derek Amato: Mr. Amato hit his head on the bottom of a pool, but mysteriously became an expert pianist—despite his lack of any musical training—after the accident.

Sometimes, a brain injury can have both negative and positive effects. At the age of three, for example, Alonzo Clemens suffered a brain injury that left him unable to speak, and which greatly impaired his cognitive abilities. However, it opened an artistic side of his brain; Clemens is able to create amazing sculptures in minutes.There is also the story of Leigh Erceg, who suffered an accident on a ranch in Colorado, suffering both traumatic brain and spine injuries. Since that time, Ms. Erceg has lost all memory—she does not even recognize her own mother—as well as her ability to feel emotion. Those things have been replaced by amazing mathematical and artistic abilities.

Seeking Legal Help After a Brain Injury

The brain is incredibly complex, and understanding it is still a work in progress. If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident in Las Vegas or surrounding areas, the team at the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC wants to help you file a claim and recover compensation. A brain injury can change your life – let our experienced Nevada personal injury attorneys advocate for you. Contact us today at 702-252-0055.

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