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Question: Will My Case Be Treated Any Differently Due to the Severity of the Injury and Because I Was On a Motorcycle Than Any Other Wreck?

Answer: According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcyclists are at much higher risk of injury than occupants of motor vehicles in the event of a collision. Indeed, the IIHS states that “riding a motorcycle is inherently riskier than driving a car,” and “when crashes occur, motorcyclists are at greater risk of serious injury or death because they don’t have an enclosed vehicle to protect them.” Just because motorcycles are more dangerous than cars and trucks, however, does not mean that an insurance company or a jury can penalize a motorcyclist for choosing this form of transportation.

Although motorcycle accident injuries may be more severe for the motorcyclist, the insurance company and the jury, if there is a need to file a lawsuit, will focus on the facts of the case pertaining to negligence and fault.