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Three Things to Consider when Dealing with Truck Accident Injuries

One reason to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to handle your case is that it frees you up to focus on your recovery. But there are three things you must remember.

First, you should always follow your doctor’s advice. If your doctor advises bed rest, then stay in bed. Do not go out walking with your spouse or children. Also, don’t rake the yard or decide now is the time to install new lights on your porch.

Second, you must realize that some trucking companies will actually hire investigators to find out if you are as injured as you claim to be. These people might camp outside your home with video cameras, hoping to catch you drag the trash can to the curb, which they will use as evidence that you are not seriously injured.

Third, you should not share information about the accident or your injuries on social media. In fact, it is a good idea to set social media profiles to private. Some insurance companies comb through social media accounts looking for information to use against you. For example, if you state that you have left the state to attend a wedding, they might claim you are not seriously injured.