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How do I prove pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering damages often make up the bulk of our client’s settlements. Many people can receive much more in pain and suffering than they do in medical care and lost wages. But proving pain and suffering has always been a challenge. Some jurors are skeptical when victims claim to be in pain, wrongly believing that the victim is exaggerating or lying.

At Ladah Law, we realize that pain might be invisible to the naked eye but that it is no less real. We help clients document their pain by advising the following:

  • Mention where you feel pain each time you visit your doctor, who can make a note in your medical records
  • Hold onto information about all prescription drugs you are taking to treat pain and anything related like sleeplessness or depression
  • Ask your friends or family to testify about how you have changed after the accident
  • Keep a journal in which you document where you feel pain, its intensity, and its impact on your life

By collecting this evidence, we can paint a vivid picture for the jury about how the car accident has dramatically changed your life for the worse.