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How do I prove pain and suffering or Loss of Enjoyment of Life?

These non-economic losses can be harder to prove than the cost of your medical care or your lost wages. Nevertheless, Nevada law allows you to receive compensation for these losses, which are very real.

Some jurors are skeptical of pain and suffering or other non-economic claims, unfairly believing that victims exaggerate their suffering for financial gain. But we have found that there are several ways to establish how an injury has diminished your quality of life:

  • Keep all pain medication. Pulling out a clear plastic bag full of your prescription drug bottles is a powerful method of showing how much pain you were in.
  • Ask friend and family to testify how your life has changed after the accident.
  • Keep a journal. You can document daily the pain you feel, as well as where the pain is located. Describe the pain as well as you can (e.g., throbbing, stabbing, constant, etc.)

You might also need to testify in a deposition or in court if there is a trial.