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What are some insurance adjuster tricks I should be aware of?

This is a great question! The simple fact is that insurance agents do not represent you, the victim. They do not have what is in your best interest at heart. Instead, their sole goal is to hopefully settle the dispute for as little money as possible.

One thing many adjusters tell victims is that they must give a recorded statement about the accident. No, you don’t! In fact, you can wait until you have hired a lawyer—who represents your best interests—before you talk to the insurance company.

Other insurance adjusters claim that you will be better off without a lawyer. Wrong again! The fact is that an experienced car accident lawyer is better poised to maximize the amount of your settlement by aggressively negotiating with an insurance company.

Finally, many insurance adjusters might tell you that they are only authorized to offer up to a certain dollar amount. While this is sometimes true, the larger truth is that more money is often available. The insurance adjuster just needs approval to increase the amount they offer.