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How Can I Maximize the Compensation I Receive?

Bicycle injuries can be very expensive to treat. We have seen many injured clients rack up more than $10,000 in medical bills and lost wages for injuries that they initially thought were minor. If someone else is to blame for the crash, you want to fully recover for all economic losses, as well as for your pain and suffering and emotional distress.
To help maximize the amount of compensation available, remember to do the following:

  • Get to a doctor as soon as possible and tell the doctor you were in a bicycle accident. Explain your symptoms, including pain, so that the doctor can include this information in your patient file.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice to a tee. If you do not, then the person who hit you could claim you are responsible for your own injuries.
  • If you are not improving, get a second opinion.

Remember that some symptoms are delayed 24-72 hours, so do not assume you are uninjured if you do not feel immediate pain.

You should also carefully document your pain and emotional distress. These injuries are hard to see, but they are no less real—and Nevada law lets you receive compensation for them. Many of our clients keep a journal in which they record their pain daily and how their injuries are affecting their mood.