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My Bike Accident Was Caused By a Pothole, Do I Have a Case?

You might have a case. The first question that needs to be addressed is what entity was responsible for the pothole. For example, if there was a dangerous pothole in a parking lot, you might have a viable personal injury claim against the responsible business. On the other hand, if there was a dangerous pothole on a public road, you might have a personal injury claim against a government entity. These are both complex legal cases that should be handled by a professional.

In addition, if you are bringing a claim against the government, you have very limited time to take legal action — far less time than you have in other personal injury cases. There are also specialized legal procedures that must be followed when bringing personal injury claims against the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, the State of Nevada, or any related public entity. At this point, you should contact a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney who has the skills and legal knowledge needed to protect your rights.