Should I see Another Doctor if I am Not Improving?

Yes. Sometimes, an initial doctor does not diagnose your problems correctly. In other situations, the damage you have suffered could be more serious than initially realized. Get a second opinion. The last thing you want to do, however, is to self-diagnose your problems. Chances are you will not get the treatment you need, and your […]

Does Compensation in a Truck Accident Differ from Other Cases?

A little bit. Typically, truck accidents cause more serious injuries, possibly even death. The amount of compensation our clients can receive often rises when the injuries are more serious. This means that people injured by trucks can typically come away with a larger settlement than someone struck by a regular passenger car. Of course, every […]

What is Black Box Data?

Most trucks are now outfitted with data boxes that record important information about the truck, such as how long it has been on the road and whether the truck was accelerating or braking right before the collision. These black boxes are not yet required in every truck, but many of them have it. Your truck […]

What is One Thing I Must Know about Recovering from a Brain Injury?

Be persistent. Those suffering from moderate to severe brain injuries often need rehabilitation to relearn basic tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and communicating. It can be extremely stressful to relearn familiar tasks with a brain injury. What was once familiar now seems strange and impossible. There is some research that suggests the sooner you start […]

How will the Doctor Treat a Concussion or other Brain Injury?

Although concussions are relatively mild brain injuries, you need a doctor to look at you. Typically, doctors try to manage symptoms and wait for the concussion to clear up on its own. As a result, you might take over-the-counter medicine to manage pain and be prohibited from doing strenuous exercise. Many concussions clear up within […]