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Sunrise Manor Personal Injury Attorney


Financial Losses

Ladah Law, PLLC, is an experienced personal injury firm. We now understand the dynamics of a personal injury case. Our attention to detail helps assure you of the proper settlement for your needs today and into the future. We seek for compensation for the following:

1. Costs for medical attention, including hospitalization, doctor visits, and physical therapy;

2. Lost wages, due to your inability to work;

3. Any loss that is a direct result of your accident;

4. Pain and Suffering;

5. Punitive damages if your accident was the result of criminal activity or egregious disregard for safety.

Legal Representation

The legal process can be a complicated one. The law is a specialized field. Only an experienced personal injury attorney qualifies to help you with your injury.

Ladah Law will:

1. Listen to the details of your case and provide a professional opinion on the strength of your case;

2. Advise you of what laws have been broken and file the lawsuit against the defendant;

3. Assist you with the discovery process, which may involve providing responses to written interrogatories, attending depositions, and answering a request for admission statements, and requests for production of documents;

4. Keeping you informed throughout the course of litigation

5. Represent you and protect your rights.

Receiving just and fair compensation

Ladah Law is concerned with your current needs and your future. The compensation we seek takes into consideration a well-thought-out life plan. Give us a call today.

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