Las Vegas Truck Accident Case Results

$2.4 million jury verdict on Trucking Accident causing Spinal Injury and mild traumatic brain injury

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A 35 year old lady was involved in a major collision with two tractor-trailers. The Defendants claimed, from the start, that the Plaintiff was at fault. Numerous neuropsychologists claimed that she did not suffer any cognitive deficits, and therefore that she had no brain injury. Yet, she kept experiencing ongoing issues with memory loss, confusion and communication issues. After we found the right experts, we decided to take this case to trial. Defendants offered little money prior to trial and claimed that the jury would never believe she needed any future treatment and that also would never believe she suffered any type of brain injury. After a 7 day trial, the jury awarded $2,436,468.40. This was much more than any of the attorneys involved thought they would award until Ramzy Ladah’s closing statement. The closing statement was so powerful, it scared the defendants, who before that were adamant that they were going to win the case, to offer their $2 million insurance policy limits to settle. This case is a perfect example of why we, at Ladah Law Firm, get more money for injury victims than other law firms do. The reason is we are not afraid to take cases to trial and take the risk in order to fight for what we believe in: justice for innocent victims of car accidents, truck accidents, and the negligent conduct of others. We fight for what we believe in and we are willing to put everything on the line, and take huge risks, to get our clients what they deserve.

For more details on this case, see our press release: http://www.mmdnewswire.com/motor-vehicle-collision-victim-131349.html

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