Nerve Damage Bus Accident Case Results

$750,000 bus accident nerve damage injury case settlement

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

This case involved a wheel chair bound Plaintiff with multiple sclerosis who was not properly strapped into a bus by the bus company. After the bus began moving, the straps holding the Plaintiff and his wheelchair came loose and the Plaintiff’s wheelchair fell over. This caused the Plaintiff to fall down stairs and out of the bus door. The Please ended up in the Emergency Room but other than that did not undergo any additional treatment. While most lawyers would have settled this case for less than $100,000, Attorney Ramzy Ladah spent the money to hire a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis to evaluate the Plaintiff to determine whether the trauma of the bus accident actually worsened, exacerbated, or aggravated his multiple sclerosis related symptoms. Retaining this expert, and taking the time to find medical literature indicating that multiple sclerosis can become worsened as a result of trauma, is why this case settled for as much as it did. This is an indication of what the attorneys at Ladah Law Firm do that other law firms and lawyers do not do: we invest plenty of time, attention, hard work and money on our cases to get our clients as much money as possible.

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