Non Emergency Medical Transport Spine Injury Case Results

$850,000 motor vehicle collision spinal injury case settlement
This was motor vehicle incident involving a speed bump.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The Plaintiff was a passenger in a commercial non-emergency medical transportation vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, an employee of a transportation company that transported medical patients for a profit, allowed too many patients to pack into the vehicle. After going over a speed bump at a higher than safe speed, the Plaintiff was thrown up in the air, twisting her neck and landing on her rear hard causing her to suffer a spinal injury. This case was referred to Ladah Law Firm by another personal injury law firm that did not want to take the risk or invest the time and effort into this “risky” case. Ramzy Ladah invested his heart and soul into this case and was able to settle it for more than 7 times the medical bills.

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