Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Spine Injury Case Results

$2 million spinal injury settlement, medical malpractice case

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

This case involved a spinal injury after a surgery at a local Las Vegas Hospital. The defendants included numerous physicians, nurses, and the hospital itself, for breaching the standard of medical care and not paying attention to the patient’s post-surgical symptoms. Ladah Law Firm fought five different law firms on the defense side who tried to drown Ramzy Ladah with motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, written discovery, and numerous other motions. After 2 long years of hard fought battles, all of the defendants settled for a cumulative amount of $2 million. Medical malpractice cases are notorious for being extremely difficult to get money out of and difficult to win at trial. Yet, the hard work in this case performed by Ramzy Ladah helped the client obtain the compensation she deserved. Standing firm on this case and hiring Ladah Law Firm paid off for the client. This client consulted with three other law firms before consulting with Ramzy Ladah and all of those three other law firms rejected her case, but Ramzy Ladah turned it into a $2 million case. Spinal Injury cases require the expertise of an experienced spinal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.

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