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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Las Vegas Wrongful Death Claim Attorney

Wrongful Death, deadly negligence, fatal accident,

Experienced Nevada Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

Wrongful death is a general term that refers to any death that resulted from a tortious or negligent act. Wrongful deaths can occur as a result of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice and other negligent actions.

Advocating for the Beneficiaries of Wrongful Death Accidents

When a beloved family member is killed as a result of the negligent acts of an individual or a corporation, the heirs of the deceased and the representative of the estate can recover for his or her wrongful death. This right of recovery was established by the legislature in Nevada and is codified in Nevada Revised Statute Section 41.085. Call today: 702-252-0055.

If your friend or family member has been killed in a wrongful death accident, you have choices and avenues for recovery. At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC , we offer a compassionate approach with a blend of strong advocacy to protect victims of wrongful death accidents. Our firm’s Las Vegas wrongful death claim attorney Ramzy Ladah offers an extensive background seeking justice for families who tragically lost loved ones in fatal accidents, including:

Attorney Ramzy started his legal career as an insurance defense lawyer before focusing exclusively on protecting accident victims’ rights. He knows firsthand the techniques insurance companies use to avoid making fair settlement offers.

Personal injury attorney Ramzy applies his extensive background to fight against low-ball insurance offers. He is committed to helping families with wrongful death claims recover maximum compensation to cover any medical expenses associated with the accident, lost wages, funeral costs and pain and suffering. Contact our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your legal rights and options.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

If your loved one was the victim of a motorcycle accident death, or any other wrongful death, you could be entitled to a large amount of compensatory damages. Contact our law firm online or call us to schedule a free initial consultation. We will work hard to recover for you and your family, while providing you with quality and personal legal service.

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…Ramzy took over and he and his staff did just a wonderful job. They got me more money than I thought that I would get… I was just very pleased and would recommend them to anyone else.

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