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Medical Malpractice Attorney Near North Las Vegas

Injured as a result of the negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider? If so, you will need an attorney on your side

Experienced Misdiagnosis Lawyer in Nevada

When doctors, nurses, and other health care providers make mistakes, the results are often detrimental. Patients put their utmost trust in doctors to perform pivotal surgeries and make lifesaving diagnoses. Yet, when these doctors perform below the standard of care or fail to fulfill their duties to their patients, the results can be severe or deadly.

I you’ve been hurt as a result of a physician error or a hospital mistake, secure your rights with the help of a highly skilled medical malpractice lawyer in Las Vegas. Fortunately, most health care providers carry insurance with high policy limits. If an injury occurred because your doctor or nurse failed to follow standard medical procedures, obtain help from medical malpractice attorney Ramzy Ladah. He is an aggressive advocate prepared to help you and your family pursue financial recovery. Contact us to find out about your options

Protecting Accident Victims When Surgeries Go Wrong

Anytime a patient undergoes a major surgery, he or she is at risk of something going severely wrong. Botched surgeries that result in paralysis, brain injury, internal bleeding, perforated organs, or other injuries can leave innocent patients fighting for their lives.

Often, surgeries performed in the abdomen or chest cavities that go wrong result in serious organ injuries and failures. When doctors make sloppy mistakes or fail to follow proper procedures, an organ or other internal structure can be nicked or injured. If you or your loved one was the victim of medical malpractice, entrust our law firm to help secure your legal rights. Attorney Ramzy Ladah offers an extensive background proving fault in complicated medical malpractice claims, involving:

  • Surgical mistakes
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Birth errors
  • Medication mistakes
  • Failure to diagnosis or properly treat symptoms
  • Emergency room mistakes and negligence
  • Nurse negligence
  • Hospital negligence
  • Anesthesia errors

At Ladah Law Firm, PLLC , we’ve got the skills, knowledge and legal resources to help you prove fault and the extent of any damages associated with medical malpractice. We are dedicated to helping you obtain reasonable financial recovery for any medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering. Our law firm also handles wrongful death claims for families who tragically lost their loved ones from negligent medical acts.

Handling Misdiagnosis Claims

Patients trust doctors to make informed decisions on how a medical condition can be alleviated. When doctors fail to correctly diagnose a serious condition, this can be detrimental.

Cancer victims and individuals with other life-threatening conditions need to be informed as soon as possible of their medical status. If a doctor has misdiagnosed your condition resulting in a tragic and damaging situation, entrust attorney Ramzy Ladah to help secure your legal rights. He is an aggressive advocate committed to securing your legal rights.

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